Leo Weekly Horoscope 3rd October– 9th October 2021


Love and Relationships

Love and relationships may not go well at the beginning of the week. Around midweek your romantic bond may suffer a major blow. Don’t get worked over this lest it may worsen matters. Accept the fact that no two individuals can have the same opinions. You may need to learn to let go and make peace with others’ viewpoints. As you learn from past follies it may get easier for you to adopt a positive and amicable approach. This may help in maintaining a smooth relationship as the week progresses towards the end. However, love life may need to be handled with extreme care all through the week.


Stars may favor students during the week. It may be to instill a sense of responsibility which may make you serious in attaining excellent grades in your examinations. Those pursuing graduate, post-graduate, and Ph.D. courses may be blessed by good planetary movements. Although, there may be distractions and disruptions in the latter part of the week which may adversely affect your performance. You may not get up to the mark during the period but with the help and guidance from mentors, the week may close on a positive note.


No major health issues may be registered for the week. With the blessings of planets, you may enjoy good health conditions for most of the week. This may work so well for you that you may gain weight during the period. Watch out! However, the phase may bring relief for natives who have been suffering from past ailments. You may find a good medication to cure or address the issue during this period. This may enhance your fitness and energy levels to quite a good extent.


As the week may increase your saving potential you may invest productively. A new venture may be indicated. An increase in cash inflows may also be foreseen. As planets create a harmonious atmosphere for you, you may get inclined to proactively channelize your savings in the right direction. Although, Ganesha advises you to refrain from adventures and make no major financial deals around the weekend. If you are willing to take risks you may need to wait for a suitable time to operate. Nonetheless, the period may be more advantageous for investments in conservative instruments.


Professionals may be entrusted with some important tasks during the week. The initial part of the period looks significant on this count. Ganesha’s counsel for you is to leave no stone unturned to perform at your best as it may lead to promotion and increment. Businessmen may come across an exciting opportunity to strike a high worth deal which may bring long term benefits. However, make sure you emphasize on the quality of goods you deliver lest you may face unwanted problems during the latter part of the week.

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