Leo Weekly Horoscope 17th October– 23rd October 2021

Love and Relationships

On the relationship front, you may have to make conscious efforts to maintain cordial relations with your beloved ones this week. You are suggested to help your close one if you want your mate to support your decisions. There are chances of some differences with your family members this week. It is best for you to stay positive and learn from your mistakes. You are suggested to act with patience this week. You may see a gradual improvement in your personal life, and you are likely to have some refreshing experiences and may enliven your spirits. You may find the charm and enthusiasm back in your life.


Due to favorable planetary support, you are likely to flourish in your studies this week. This may be a good time for learning new skills, research, and long-distance journeys for educational purposes. You are likely to get positive results in competitive exams. Students wishing to get admission for higher education to premier institutes are likely to be successful this week. Your mentors may also guide you, and hence you are likely to develop an interest in studies. You may get success in getting knowledge of various subjects, which may lead to further growth in your education.


The planetary influence may give birth to fatigue factors this week. You may feel lazy and pressurized. Individuals who do work out regularly are suggested to take care of their protein intake. It is best for you to avoid obesity and lethargy and dealt with properly otherwise, it may lead to other troubles. Overall, you may experience better health this week. This phase may help you to improve your health, but there are chances of frequent changes in your mood, which may make you feel uncomfortable with your health status. So you are suggested to take extra care of your physical and mental or emotional health this week.


This may be a favorable time related to finance for you. There are chances of a rise in your earnings. You may invest in a new kind of venture. Your savings may be sufficient, so you are likely to make sound investments for making a sound profit in the long term. While this may be a good idea, you are suggested to avoid investing a huge sum at once. It is best for you to invest money in systematic planning. Also, it is likely to be a good period to review your strategy and take steps to improve your financial prospects.


It is best for you to move out of your comfort zone and accept fresh challenges at work this week. You are likely to be practical and measured, which may help you to march forward amid some stiff challenges. This may ensure that your pursuit of progress is likely to bring positive results if you manage to avoid distractions and wasting time. It is best for you to get ready for a hectic time. Some developments may be delightful, while others may be distressing. You are likely to learn how to cope and balance both extremes. Businessmen may have a huge workload. Your ability to deal with it may make the difference between success and failure.

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