Leo Weekly Horoscope 10th October– 16th October 2021

Love and Relationships

You may run high on emotions this week. Think twice before you make any sort of negative comments about your beloved ones. Keep communication channels live with people who matter to your progress. However, there may be some misunderstandings around midweek due to a lack of effective communication. The pace of your life may somewhat get slow around this time. So ensure you utilize it to review your past decisions. On a positive note, this phase may be worth looking forward to and mending fences. The weekend looks set to be the ideal time for restoring harmony.


The week may begin with distractions and disruptions. You may get busier but not with studies as you may find yourself tangled in random chores and end up putting studies on the back-burner. This may deteriorate your performance and you may not attain success as per your abilities and potential. Students preparing for competitive examinations may have to try harder as due to planetary influences situations may put up a challenging phase particularly in the latter part of the week. It may get necessary for you to focus on studies and get yourself motivated to deal with confrontations.


There may be certain periods during the first half of the week which may bring vicissitudes in health. It may propel you to work towards fitness and well being. Ganesha advises you to take care of your oral health as dental caries, toothaches, gingivitis or gum swelling may cause trouble this week. Some natives may suffer from joint pains, aches, etc around midweek. You may also need to self guard against calcium deficiency. However, the latter part of the week may put you in better health status.


Planetary positions from the beginning of the week look set to be supportive of financial gains. Further up the period around midweek may not be measured favorable for major financial transactions. Keep communication with people who matter to your financial life. Spend a good amount of time contemplating past decisions and how you can make them more advantageous shortly. You may need to remain disciplined with your investment planning and resource management during the week. Rash and hasty decisions may backfire. The week indicates a rise in cash outflow. Ensure you avoid impulsive shopping and wasteful expenditure.


Some issues with your support staff may arise around the early part of the week. Handle the period carefully and refrain from being high headed. However, the period around midweek does not seem favorable for starting something new. But planetary placements depict a positive structure for the latter part of the week. Business turnover is likely to increase. Short term travels are foreseen and they may bring encouraging results. Job holders may get some good opportunities for progress. As the week comes to a close you may feel satisfied as you look back to judge your performance.

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