Leaders, Dare to Fail

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Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

For most leaders that I’ve met, success is definitely a positive thing, while failure is sadly perceived as something totally negative. Often, failure brings out a fearful behavior in leaders. That brings them to a specific point where they don’t even plan on achieving anything meaningful, attacked by the fear of failing.

As the old saying goes, even if you’ve drastically failed in the past, don’t be scared of failing again. While regular failure might hurt bad and others might talk, making us seem like specks of dust, it’s a part of every human. People can only find success through failure. It’s a stepping stone for growth.

I firmly think that life is merely a game! There are rules we should and must learn, and we need to follow to find success blindly. The rules are to youthfully learn, laugh at your own failures and mistakes, and make a memorable one!

So whatever setbacks, adversities, and frustrations you will confront, things will come and meet along your way today; never be intimidated nor be lost and retreat. Instead, when induced to give up, tell yourself again and again with these words: I am not a quitter! Losing exists only in the grave or in your ashes!

So, as long as I am living and booting; as long as I have confidence and believe in myself that I can win; as long as the whole part of my soul still working and cooperating with me, I will boastfully proclaim and submit these words to myself and the world: I am not a quitter! For quitters exists only after I die! Therefore, I will blindly move forward to make my every single childhood dream come true! For I know by venturing to move forward, I will win.

Remember, you can win for whatever your heart will crave as long as your dreams will not infringe the rights of your followers and fellowmen. For the kingdom of the universe is within you! You need to know yourself, know your power, know your potential, and polish it!

Know the desire and purpose of your heart. Learn to tune yourself with the Supreme and assure yourself every single day that whatever failures, problems, and adversity will come your way, and you will NOT give up! You will always attempt to move forward to testify again to the world that you can stand above the ashes! That you are a somebody; that there is a gold and an iron in your mind. By consistently doing this to yourself, you will become largely unconquerable! You will become the master and leader among men… Yourself!

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