Is It Time For A Brand New Website Design for Your business?

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Sometimes you are so caught up with your work; you don’t notice how the design trends change. And all of a sudden, it turns out your current website is already outdated, as your competitors have started to use more interactive elements, augmented features, and 3D graphs. So the question is: how do you know whether it is time to redesign your website or not? When exactly should you start to hire developers

Don’t worry; we got you covered. In this article, we will discuss how to figure out whether you need a new website or not and what are some of the signs that your current one is getting out of fashion? 

So, let’s take a look at the: 

Reasons why you may need a new website 

1) It doesn’t look or feel modern 

Unless it was a well-thought creative decision to make your website feel like it’s stuck in the 2000s, you probably need to update it if your website does not look or feel modern. Now the definition of modern, of course, is relative. We don’t mean to say that you should fill it with all types of fancy elements to stay up-to-date. All you need to do is remove the old ones. 

If you have ever tried to find a course in the state universities of European countries, you most probably know what an old website looks like. Most abroad students simply get discouraged and apply to a private college only because they have difficulty finding the application form. 

You don’t want the same experience for the visitors of your website, right? Still, if you cannot understand whether your website feels outdated or not, ask a teen to evaluate it. They are the ones who can tell it for sure!

2) The design is amateur 

We know how it goes. You do not have much financial resources or time to spend on the design of your website, so you ask your neighbor, who considers himself a UI/UX guru, to do the design instead.  

In the end, your website gets a pretty amateur look, and it influences your brand negatively. If you did not spend enough resources creating a good website, you probably would not spend much on other aspects of your business either. 

Trust us, no matter how good the actual product is, if your website does not feel professional, you will lose your potential customers as they will subconsciously think that your brand is not professional either. 

So if you know that your design is pretty amateur, believe us, your visitors will figure that out too. Before it is too late, consider finding a good UI/UX expert and asking him to rebrand the entire website so that you are not afraid to show it off to your designer friends. 

And yes, probably tell your neighbor that you won’t be continuing working with him. 

3)Your website is difficult to navigate through 

Now, let’s assume that you designed a pretty professional-looking and modern website that amazes visitors with its stunning visuals. Can you consider the task completed? 

Not really. There is one more aspect that is as important as the visual look of your page: the overall experience. In other words, you should make sure that your website is pretty intuitive, and it allows your users to find what they need quickly and easily. 

Remember how I complained about the old university websites that make it hard to find the application form? Even if they were designed to follow the latest trends, if finding the application form was still problematic, most users would leave. 

So, another important aspect you should check is whether your page is making it effortless for the users to complete a function or find a specific section. If not, no one will care about the looks anymore.

4) It’s too slow 

Finally, another reason why you might consider creating a new website is its speed. If your page takes too much to load, you will quickly fall out of the competition. If you try some speed optimization practices and eventually find out that or whatever reason it is impossible to make it faster, it means you need a new one. 

That was it for today! All left to say is good luck: we’re sure your new website will rock it ! 

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