Instagram launches its largest creator education programme in India

(IANS) In a bid to empower content creators, Facebook-owned Instagram on Thursday announced its largest creator education and enablement programme in India.

The programme, which would be freely available to all, will provide Instagram creators an opportunity to learn, earn and grow their communities.

“Creators across India are shaping popular culture, and we are proud that our platforms play a big role in unleashing their creativity and helping them earn a living,” Ajit Mohan, VP and MD, Facebook India, said at the Facebook’s 2021 edition of ‘Creator Day India’.

“The building blocks of a creator economy are coming into place. And we are keen to lean in to enable creators to learn, earn and grow their communities on our platforms,” Mohan added.

Creator Day India also saw keynotes from Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, who spoke about the success of Reels in India, the importance of India and the work that’s in progress to help creators earn a living on the platform.

The programme will also provide live masterclasses with experts, latest information on trends, product updates and challenges to keep up with what’s unfolding on Instagram.

Lastly, it will provide creators the option to unlock monetary opportunities through various rewards and brand partnerships. To sign up, creators can visit the website –

The day also featured creators who launched their own AR effects in partnership with Facebook, as well as those who have monetised well and had learnings to share with all.

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