Inexpensive ideas for garden rooms decoration

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When the warm season comes, we all want to spend as much time in the fresh air as possible, so, naturally, part of life goes outside and there is no better place than your garden room. After work and on weekends we love to dine outside as well. And it is much more enjoyable to do this when garden room area is properly tidy and ready for a fun sitting.

There are plenty of simple updates that can be achieved on a budget, and which make a huge difference to the appearance of your garden room. 

To have a good time in your garden room, you need not only good air, but also a proper installation. From simple garden room lighting to inexpensive furniture ideas there are a multitude of smart ways to make your garden room look and feel great without breaking the bank.

In this article we explore the inexpensive options of garden room decorations to boost your imagination and start livening the space now.

Of course, comfortable furniture can be mentioned first. If the space in a garden room is limited, we would recommend choosing a table and chairs of standard height rather than sofas with a low table. Although they look very appealing, but admit, eating at them is very uncomfortable. And eating outside is one of the most fun things in any season or weather. Of course, if the space is large enough, then you can install two separate areas – for eating and for relaxing on a sofa.

Another great idea is to make your garden room multipurpose by building a little wall attached bar. It is so easy to do and doesn’t take up any space but brings so much joy when the party kicks inn! Fashion your own DIY garden bar with an upcycled wooden pallet mounted to the wall with a chain to drop down when required. Cheap to make, plus it’ll save you a fortune. After a long day of work in the garden, a cheeky Gin and Tonic may be just the thing you need. 

However, for a cozy stay outside, furniture alone is not enough. The decor elements play one of the key roles here as well. Garden rooms become like an extension of the house in summer, so the more elements you place in the outdoor area, the more you will enjoy it.

So, what can be used to decorate a garden house? First of all, we recommend having cushions on chairs, as they make space cozier and appealing for rest. Carefully chosen colors can create the desired style of the garden room area, and it can be modern minimalist, rustic, bohemian and so on. A tablecloth set during a meal rises the rest area to a new level and gives solemnity. So why not make a small holiday every summer day and transport your dinner to a garden room for change of a scene?

If you want your garden room area to connect with the house as naturally as possible, we recommend perking it up with a rug. Jute rugs that do not absorb moisture and are easy to clean are most suitable for that matter. By the way, you will probably remember them perfectly from the times of your parents or grandparents, because they were once very popular. Go for designs that are patterned on both sides, so you can flip them over if they start to discolour in the sun.

Garden rooms can also be enlivened by plant greenery or flower blooms. So depending on what you like, buy beautiful outdoor pots and plant the plants you want. In the end it might feel like a separate botanical garden. Another good trick to add is incorporating a splash of bright colour behind your existing plants. This will help to breathe new life into your garden room. Painting a feature wall in a bright colour, such as sunshine yellow, will deliver huge impact without much budget or effort.

Evening outdoors is much more fun when it is equipped with a non-intense light source. Creating a candle centerpiece will create a cozy romantic atmosphere in your garden room. Use vintage terracotta pots to make a simple patio display. Fill the pots with sand and push in a selection of dinner candles. Place on the table as a rustic centerpiece or along walkways to cast light and create a relaxed ambience.

Try all these ideas to make your garden room beautiful on a low budget. From do-it-yourself little bar to painting the flower pots to add some much-needed colour – there are so many ways to make the garden room beautiful on a budget. 

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