How to test VPN ping?

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Learn foreign language through watching shows by unlocking your favorite Netflix or HBO library using VPN. Virtual Private Network is an extended private network that allows you to get access to a secure internet with your data privacy uncompromised. Through VPN, you can get access to sites that are blocked through geographical restrictions. 


While accessing to free WIFI in a coffee shop, you are at high risk of getting hijacked but surf internet anonymously on public WIFI so you’re untraceable as your IP address is changed and your virtual location is out of sight. The primal function of VPN is to transfer encrypted data between user and the service provider. Encrypted data allows businessmen to conduct their businesses through private network without the risk of getting hacked. Even your internet service provider cannot see your browsing history. Unsecured apps and websites with no https can also leak your data but VPN provides an extra layer of encryption that acts like a firewall.  

Copyrighted Content

Some countries allow torrenting of copyrighted content as long as it is for personal use. VPN allows you to get access to copyrighted content for free but you should check your national laws regarding torrenting through VPN anyways. 

Geographical Restrictions

Through VPN, you can get access to different regions services. Many countries block services within their geographical restrictions that you can access to using VPN. For example, you can buy a software that was unavailable in your region through VPN or in China, you can get access to sites like YouTube that are blocked by Chinese government. 

VPN Services 

Some VPNs are free and some are paid. Paid VPNs provide higher internet speed and they are more secure. Free VPNs can sometimes exploit user’s data and they are slower than paid VPNs. 

Save Money

If you have VPN, you can get exclusive deals for video games and subscriptions that were restricted to geographical regions. You can save money while shopping for online services through VPN. 


Gamers need high internet speed with no lagging. Users who conduct online businesses also require good internet speed but gaming requires the lowest ping. You can check your VPN’s ping through Ookla Speedtest.  

To test your VPN’s ping, turn on your VPN on your computer or mobile device and follow some steps listed below. 

For Computer

  1. Search URL
  2. Now, click on GO. 
  3. A chart will pop up and it will show the speed and ping of the internet you’re connected to. 

For Mobile Device

  1. Download the Ookla Speedtest app on android or iOS. 
  2. Now, open your app and allow location access. 
  3. Click on GO and it’ll show you your VPN’s ping, downloading and uploading speed. 

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