How to practice Meditation or Dhyana?

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Meditation or Dhyana do something very magical to your body that cannot be just explained by words. You have to start practicing meditation to experience this magic.

Meditation or Dhyana is a deep concentration state where you try to come out of all the material thoughts going inside your brain and sometimes out of this material world for a very short period of time. People often face trouble while concentrating, there is no second thought that dhyana practice is not that easy practice. Coming out of all the material thoughts and concentrating on absolutely nothing is bit difficult.

I have been meditating from past 3 years and have learned so much by myself, it was so hard to meditate initially. 

Starting is always not that good you finds it very difficult to sit and think of absolutely nothing.

Here, I am going to share how you can start meditating if you are practicing it for the very first time?

Meditation isn’t just about sitting and thinking of nothing, it is actually detaching yourself from this material world for a while and try to feel the presence of Ishwar (A supreme omnipresent energy that has created this everything).

On the very first day of your meditation practice; you should select a time (I will suggest you to wake up early before sunrise and practice) and place where you find yourself alone, light a ghee deepak and sit in padmashan or lotus position in front of the deepak, look at the glowing flame of deepak in front of you for a while try to build your full concentration over that small glowing flame. Now all you should have in your mind is a glowing energy flame, make sure no other thoughts or picture pop up into your mind.

Now slowly close your eyes, closing your eyes doesn’t mean you can forget the energy flame in front of you. 

Closing of eyes symbolises the darkness. Now suppose you are sitting in a complete dark space you don’t have any solid ground beneath you, no walls, no trees, no birds, etc around you.

You are now in a place where no materiality exists all you have and can see is darkness all around and a glowing flame in front of you, yes! The glowing flame of your deepak is still in front of you. Make sure you don’t visualise the deepak but only the energy flame.

Your final state must be like, you are laviatating in a dark space with no materiality around, only a glowing energy flame is in front of you. 

The darkness symbolises the reality, the reality of the universe without the materiality around you, this is how you feel detached with all the materiality around you. The energy flame in front of you symbolises the presence of Ishwar and this is how you feel very near and connected to that supreme omnipresent energy that created everything.

Try to spend as much time you can in this state, don’t force yourself. Once you loose your concentration don’t just suddenly open your eyes, instead keep sitting in that same state you are in, rub your palms and then open your eyes by touching your rubbed palms to your eyes. 

Practicing it daily will help you have control over your unnecessary material thoughts.

Once you master this basic practice of dhyana there are many more ways of meditating which you can practice to gain control over your Indriya and activate your body chakras.

Meditation is not something you can master in a month or in a year, it takes time. All you have to do is practice daily.

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