How to Keep your Vision Intact?

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The eye is an organ that detects light being the basis of the sense of sight.

It consists of a system sensitive to changes in light, able to transform them into electrical impulses. The simplest eyes do nothing but detect whether the surroundings are bright or dark. The complex serves to provide the sense of sight.

The parts of the eye are essential to human existence because through them we grasp, perceive and find what is called the images collected by this system.

Compound eyes are found in arthropods (insects and similar animals) and consist of many simple facets which give an image pixel, ie mosaic (not multiple images, as often believed).

Visual tiredness may happen due to vision problems that may stem from the use of wrong corrective eyewear as well as various problems of the eye.

It also creates eyestrain from causes related to jobs such as deficiencies in lighting, improper contrast, poor location of the job, etc.).. Generally the amount of light is shown in units of illumination (lux or lumen) per square metre.

How to determine whether there’s enough light to work?

  • Quantity of light. The glare or reflection can affect or greatly increase eyestrain. No enhancement can not see anything. Mostly, the lack of contrast makes visual function very negative.
  • Dispersion of color. The most widely used screens are “CRT Monitors” which are most usually used in computers.

To prevent visual fatigue on the screens must be properly regulate the size of text characters. The user should adjust them each time you change lighting conditions. * Use if possible a general ambient lighting. If, in addition to the lighting, using individual light sources (eg, flexor), these should not be close to the screen if glare and annoying reflections originate.

  • Put on the screen at a distance from their eyes that is more comfortable, especially for reading documents. * Make small regular breaks to prevent eyestrain and, if possible, rotate the screen with other work involving less visual impact.
  • Perform periodic relaxation of the eyesight.
  • Where the jobs data entry must have a briefcase. The screen and document holder should be sufficiently near each other and the same distance to avoid the gyrations of the eyes and the constant accommodation of vision.

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