How to Get More Motivated: 4 Tips to Fight Against Laziness

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Motivation is what everyone needs to perform great results at work. But staying in this mood is not as easy as it sounds. People start working but after a couple of hours, find themselves watching TikTok videos, playing at, or chatting with friends. Want to avoid this and fight against your laziness? Then follow these 4 easy tips.

Get Some Sleep

A sentence like that is just music to your ears, isn’t it? The main thing here is not to overdo it. But if you think that by minimizing sleep you’ll get more time, you’re mistaken. Of course, you’ll have more time to get everything done, but your efficiency will gradually tumble to zero, and at some point the brain goes into “autopilot” mode, and it certainly does not help the situation.

Eat More Fruit

Let’s not get boring about the benefits of vegetables – it’s unlikely that you’re a rabbit at heart who enjoys eating cabbage. Fruits, on the other hand, are not only healthy but also delicious. They help produce energy and don’t overload your stomach, so the heaviness after a meal and the desire to lie down will eventually leave you forever.

But if you are fond of vegetables, try cooking a salad with unusual ingredients. This way, you won’t only have a healthier meal but also learn a new recipe and show your family and friends what you can do now.

Clean Your Room

Pay attention to your work area when doing this. If your desk is neat and tidy, you’ll feel more comfortable sitting down at it and doing something. Create an atmosphere that reflects you, and fill every corner of your room with it. Put together your smart board, put up pictures of nice places, and cover everything with bunnies or cats. 

Although some psychologists argue that certain personalities are more comfortable working in a creative mess. So pick the one that works for you: “everything is in order,” or “everything is in the wrong place, but you like it.”

Live in Rhythm With Yourself

To avoid negative consequences in the form of fatigue and disappointment in yourself, learn to live according to your biorhythms. Some people are more productive in the morning, others in the evening or at night. Some people need absolute silence to concentrate, others can work under any conditions.

Observe yourself, make a schedule by hours. Note what time you started working, how quickly you got tired, how long you work without distractions, and how long you need to restart. Understanding your own biorhythms is a burnout prevention.

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