How to DIY Replace a Door

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Replacing a door is as simple as it sounds; you just need to be mentally and physically prepared for it. Here I will tell you how to replace a door in an easy way. Make sure to have these things in your tool box

Things you need

  • Screwdriver
  • Centering bit
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Hand plane
  • Circular saw
  • Drill
  • Combination square
  • Spade bit
  • Hole saw
  • Chisels

Taking correct measurements

Before getting the new door you must take proper measurement of the doorway, standard height of a door is usually 80 inches and thickness is 1 3/8 inches. If the width is described as 3-0, it means 3 feet and 0 inches. Don’t take it as 30 inches.

Remove the old one

Now start removing pins from the hinge gently, if it dose not come out easily, use the hammer and screwdriver. Remember to start removing hinge from bottom to top, to avoid the door toppling over you.


After removing the door, remove the door lock and fix it on the new door. This will let you know that if the edges and door lock knob need any trimming to fit in the door frame. Trace and mark the edges with the help of pencil or utility knife.

Cutting and trimming

Trim the access material after the marking, if the material is small use a sand paper and if it is large, use the circular saw.

Check the size

Lay down the new door on the previous one and line up combination square with the old door’s hinge mortises to get them on the new door. Marking the mortises lines with utility knife, produces much accurate lines instead of using a pencil.

Chisel out for the hinge

Place the new door with the hinge side facing up; create hinge mortises with the help of a chisel.

Screw the hinges in the new door

Set the hinge leaf in the mortises, use the drill to bore pilot holes through the hinge holes and screw the hinge.

Installing the lock and knob

See where the strike plate meets the door edge, position the stencil of the lock and mark. If you are reusing the knob then take measurement from the old door. Paint the door as you desired before fitting the door knob. Insert the latch into the edge bore, screw the latch to the door and install the door knob.

Hang the door

Take the door to the frame and connect the hinge knuckles. Once all the hinges are aligned, insert the hinge pins. Test to make sure that the door swings smoothly and the door latch connect smoothly on the doorjamb.

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