How to convert Avalance to Dai fast without verification?

Crypto exchanges provide users with various trading conditions. One of them is identity verification. Since customers have different preferences, sites also treat this parameter differently. Some carry out additional checks simultaneously with registration. Others offer traders to prove the authenticity of their identity when withdrawing funds, and still others do not carry out identification at all.

Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of the third option if you need to exchange Avalanche to Dai without verification. But before choosing it, you need to clearly understand the meaning of verification.

Why do you need additional verification

One of the main advantages of cryptocurrency settlements is anonymity. If, for this purpose, identity documents are presented, this principle is violated. However, this medal is also worth looking at from the other side. In the case of making payments with absolute anonymity, crypto exchanges will turn into instruments for laundering dirty money, and coins will become a means of payment for illegal transactions.

Anti-crime laws oblige financial institutions, including crypto exchanges, to collect customer information so that they know who they do business with. This is the main reason why cryptocurrency exchanges encourage users to verify. And for the withdrawal of especially large amounts, this procedure is required. With the help of identification, the trader confirms the legality of his actions, and the exchange disclaims responsibility.

Of course, most traders are far from the underworld and transact within the law. However, even in this case, some of them do not want to be verified. Perhaps for them it is just a waste of time, but for someone it is a matter of principle. In any case, a player who wants to remain completely anonymous needs to see the benefits of this method of trading and be aware of the risks.

Advantages and disadvantages

To pass the verification, you will need to provide scans of documents, then wait a few days for the identification result. During this time, the relevance of the transaction can be reduced to zero. Therefore, exchanges that do not require such checks can work more efficiently.

The absence of confidential customer information in the exchange database serves as a defense against hacker attacks. If the site’s server is hacked, attackers will not be able to learn anything about traders.

Some exchange teams do not welcome players from certain countries. By remaining incognito, the client will be able to bypass the prejudice.

There are slightly fewer cons, but they are significant. To combat money laundering of criminals, the withdrawal of money is limited to a limit. Therefore, you will not be able to withdraw a large amount at a time.

Traders who do not wish to be verified will have to pay higher fees.

It is difficult to choose a reliable platform that serves clients without verification. There are operators who abuse the fact that the client will not be able to prove that the money deposited into the account belongs to him. 

How to choose a reliable operator

Customer reviews help to determine the reputation. But if the exchange is young, like Alligat0r then there may be few of them. Liquidity will show how many trades are made in real time. With low rates of this parameter, it is better not to register on such a site. There are other criteria as well:

  • turnover volumes;
  • number of pairs and payment systems;
  • information on transactions;
  • analytics tools.

You can reduce the time and effort spent searching for a crypto exchange without verification by referring to the corresponding ratings.

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