Glamping Dome Tents

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a modern and luxurious alternative to old-fashioned camping without all the hassles of traditional camping.  As the name suggests, is a combination of the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’ or in other words, luxury camping.

More and more people want the opportunity to spend their holidays away from the crowded cities and be surrounded by nature. They would like to escape the hustle-bustle of the big cities and go camping in a beautiful nature spot with picturesque landscapes but without all the difficulties of traditional camping. That is why glamping has become today’s in vogue trend. 

Portable planetarium?

Glamping accommodations come in all shapes and sizes and can range from a cabin, pod or ordinary tent, but the most sought after and luxurious choice are glamping dome tents. What makes glamping domes so special? Obviously one of their attractions is their cool, futuristic spherical shape which blends in perfectly with nature which is why they are often used for eco-resorts and wellness retreats or as an addition to hotels and campgrounds. But let’s take a closer look as there is much more to these glamping domes than just their cool appearance. You can use it also as a portable planetarium. You have plenty of options for using these tents.

Glamping Domes – Perfect Inside And Out

First of all, these glamping domes are roomy and impressive. They have a full 50 sqm floor space and are 4 m high. The domes come with a large panoramic window which provides guests an unparalleled view of the surrounding scenery and best of all they can be used year round. They have a weatherproof door and heavy duty cover over a galvanized steel framework that enables them to withstand even the harshest storms or weather conditions.

The interior of the glamping domes have an additional layer of insulated PIR panels and  insulated wood flooring set on a HD steel framework. Alternatively the dome can be set up on a wooden deck. The glamping dome also comes equipped with a heat pump HVAC system that insures good ventilation and year round comfortable temperature.

Glamping dome comes fully equipped and ready-to-use

This company’s glamping domes sleep four and come with all the comforts of home. They only need to be attached to utilities and are ready to use. The interior is fully furnished and equipped with kitchen and modern bathroom modules as well as an attractive mezzanine with loft and bed that sleeps two. All the comforts of home. For an additional touch of luxury, such amenities as decks, hot tubs, saunas, pools and firepits and outdoor cooking facilities can easily be added.

Open your own Glamping Dome Resort

The company caters to clients who own property in a touristic nature area and are interested in opening their own glamping resort. Besides worldwide delivery and assembly, the company even offers a long term rental/lease business plan to help landowners get started easily and at low cost. 

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