Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy

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Choosing a compounding pharmacy should be undertaken with the same seriousness as choosing a doctor. Compounding pharmacies alter your original prescription to make medication unique to your needs.

For instance, assume that you have a tiny baby with a heart condition and the medications available over the counter are not fit for an infant. In such an instance, a compounding pharmacy will make heart medications specifically for the infant.

As you search for a compounding pharmacy in New York, beware of pharmacies that offer compounding services but are not certified as compounding pharmacies. In order to make the right decision, follow these tips:

How to Choose the Right Compounding Pharmacy

1. Accreditation and Certification

The first thing you want to know before trusting a pharmacy with your prescription is whether they possess the right documents for operation. Ask to see their certification from a trusted oversight body for your peace of mind.

If a pharmacy has taken the proper steps to attain accreditation, it means they have passed all the necessary safety checks. Therefore, you are assured of safe medication.

2. Training and Qualifications of the Staff

After ascertaining that the relevant authorities recognize the compounding pharmacy, look at the qualifications of the staff. Pharmacists in a compounding pharmacy must undertake the proper training in compounding medications. To clear your doubts, go as far as asking to see their certifications.

Some compounding pharmacies have the accreditation but hire the wrong staff, which puts your health at risk.

3. Quality of Their Ingredients

For quality medications, compounding pharmacies should source their ingredients from trusted suppliers. Can they swear to the quality and potency of their ingredients?

The compounding pharmacy should make medications with the right amount of active ingredients prescribed by your doctor. Otherwise, they will be compromising your health, and you will not achieve the expected results.

To be sure of their ingredients, ask if they have certificates of analysis for their ingredients.

4. Drug Batch Testing?

Reputable compounding pharmacies perform batch testing before releasing medication to their customers to ensure that they are safe. Note that these medications are tailored to you. This means that there is a possibility that you will be the first patient to take them.

For safety, they should carry out a series of tests to ensure that the medication is fit for human consumption. Compounding pharmacies can carry out the tests in-house or by using independent parties. If you are to choose between two pharmacies, choose the one that does batch testing using an independent party.

5. Check Customer Reviews

In the new era of technology, almost all businesses have websites. SThe compounding pharmacy you are about to choose should have one, too. Before deciding to work with them, check their website and visit the customer review section.

While these medications are different, it is crucial to see what previous customers have to say about their services. If they have been making quality and safe medication for other patients, chances are you will get the proper medication, as well.

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