Facebook Gaming creators can co-stream now


(IANS) Tech giant Facebook is adding co-streaming to Facebook Gaming, a useful feature the Twitch competitor has lacked since it launched in 2018.

Additionally, while Twitch’s version of a co-streaming feature — Squad Stream — requires you to be a Twitch Partner, Facebook is making co-streaming available to everyone, reports The Verge.

“With co-streaming, we aim to increase discoverability for creators, encourage collaboration between creators and elevate the overall viewing experience,” Facebook was quoted as saying by the website.

“In short, streaming the same game alongside someone else is mutually beneficial. Actually starting a stream involves tagging up to three other creators during stream setup or after you are live. If the other creators tag you back, then your audience is launched into a “co-streaming viewer experience”, according to Facebook.

Besides being a method to introduce creators to each other and their audiences, co-streams also allow viewers to see the same game from different perspectives.

Both Twitch and Facebook Gaming viewership blossomed during the pandemic, with Facebook Gaming up 82 per cent year over year in terms of hours of watch time, the report said.

Adding co-streaming and not requiring streamers to go through the time-consuming process of becoming a partner — Facebook’s process is known to be somewhat grueling — could help make Facebook’s platform grow even more appealing, it added.

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