Essential Student Apps and Websites in 2021

To succeed in school, students must absorb a lot of new knowledge quickly. The Internet comes in where this technology offers a vast array of student resources and a wealth of information on any topic virtually. These resources, which are available through various popular apps and websites, provide students with unmatched insights into how to improve their knowledge and manage their academic lives. In 2021, the services in these apps and websites will be available online, often for free but, sometimes, at a cost.


EdX is an educational website that provides students with a diverse selection of online courses. It is the most well-known online learning platform founded in 2012 by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). EdX is a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) online platform, with courses available for free to anyone who wants to study. The website offers a wide choice of high-quality programs from world-renowned universities. With numerous courses, the website is a solid and reliable platform for students who want to pursue some extra courses as they pursue their regular studies in 2021.


TED is a website that presents thought-provoking presentations delivered at events across the world on a wide range of themes, including technology (T), entertainment (E), and design (D), as well as nearly every facet of the human experience. Students frequently find inspiration on TED, which they might apply in their following essay or exam. The lectures on this website are not only inspirational but also educational. TED is a reputable source of ideas and materials for school projects that students can use. Therefore, it is a fantastic means in 2021 for students to understand the world surrounding them, learn about different sectors, and develop fresh community outreach initiatives.


Wr1ter is a professional student help service, which offers free guides, tips, and advice on writing any academic paper. In addition, you can find helpful information and examples of any essay type and paper format. Besides that, the platform offers 24/7 online support, live chat, revision, and proofreading services.  


Quizlet provides simple, free educational tools to assist learners in studying for whatever class that they may be taking. The website provides students with various tools to overcome any academic problem, from flashcards to improve their mastery of trending subjects to games to help them understand past ideas. Students can also use Quizlet to learn vocabulary, linguistics, and various other topics for free. It promotes excellent study methods that encourage learners to view studying as a pleasurable activity. Quizlet collapses topics and subjects into manageable chunks so that students can learn something about their field of study, making it an essential educational tool in 2021.


Grammarly is an excellent method to avoid embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors students make while rushing to finish an assignment. This tool is offered as a website, an app, an extension for word processing software, and a widget that can hover over other websites, making it the most user-friendly language tool accessible to students. In addition, Grammarly is a considerably more advanced spell checker than other Word spell checkers in the market because of its versatility, accuracy, and advanced features. It even proposes alternative terms and includes a built-in thesaurus. As a result, it should be on a student’s list of must-have tools for 2021.

Microsoft Office Lens

In 2021, Students can use Microsoft Office Lens to scan reading materials, documents, blackboards, whiteboards, receipts, and other materials. The app scans the documents and converts them to pictures or PDF files. As a result, taking down notes and other information in the classroom is reduced to a few clicks. One of the app’s most delicate features is that it rectifies angular distortions and glares in shots, resulting in a clear and upright image. This great app makes it easier for students to study.


Evernote is a note-taking, organization, task management, and archiving program. It is a handy platform for students to scribble down notes and ideas, which they may share with study groups or use for exam preparation. In addition, Evernote organizes a student’s notes, to-dos, and timetable in one app so they can remember everything and get things done. As a result, in 2021, it will be a valuable addition to the apps that students should have.

Nowadays, the Internet allows students to access many websites and apps to thrive in academia. These sites and apps have become a dependable source of knowledge and insights for many students globally. They have also been instrumental in enabling learners to plan better and manage their coursework, and prepare for exams in their field of study. Ultimately, these apps and websites are excellent tools that every student needs to be aware of in 2021, making their academic journey much more effortless.

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