Different Layette options for kids

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Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com

First things first- you are welcome to earth. Well, it would have taken a long time to get here, so you definitely need to rest and enjoy your recommended 14-16 hours of sleep daily. Make yourself completely comfortable and everything is about you right now! Stretch those small arms and legs in the new world and in new dresses and live your life to the fullest. Here is a recommended list of super soft wardrobe for newcomers known as layette. But what actually is a layette? Well, it is a baby’s first closet of daily essentials that you will need from the first day. The basics are given below:

Snip-Snap Tops

Also called a baby kimono, the top keeps layers and snaps out from your initial owie called your belly button. It also prevents the parents from the fear of pulling anything over your head. The wrists come with convenient foldover mitten cuffs which keep the baby’s hands warm and their face secure from their surprisingly fierce nails.

Footie pants

Feet serve as the thermostat control of a newborn, so you would definitely want the luxury of these footed pants that can cover and uncover your toddler. This nifty pant which also has a footie spares the parents from putting on the socks to their baby’s feet and then losing them the moment they turn their heads for one minute.


Also known as onesie, it is a standard clothing for babies all over the world. You should not that they aren’t created equal. You should order lamb clothing to get the softest, most plush one-piece bodysuit that doesn’t need a celebrity salary and can stand several washes and several blowouts. 

Sleep gowns/ daygowns

Well, gowns are something which only divas are seen wearing. Along with mitten cuffs that keep your hands warm and face free from scratches, the flexible opening at the bottom makes it a perfect sleeper gown. You can also opt for daygowns for your kids and dress them for a good day/ night sleep.

Top + bottom

Well, dressing your kid in a top and a bottom is an age-old tradition. A top and a bottom is a complete outfit and often people call it a go-to outfit. 

Baby blanket

Accessories are the most important thing on the planet for a baby and a blanket is the most important of them all. The soft and snug blanket will keep your baby warm and work perfectly for sprawling or swaddling while they are exploring the world. A blanket is the first best friend of a baby and your baby’s journey to move around in this world starts with it.

This is it! It is the complete wardrobe for the beginning of your baby’s journey on earth. Surely your baby will soon outgrow every piece, but these dresses will surely work as a mesmerizing memory for a parent and make them teary-eyed as they fold them for storage. The Yellow Lamb is your one-stop solution to buy layette for your baby at the best prices.

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