Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 3rd October– 9th October 2021

Love and Relationships

Your romantic life may need attention during the week. Your relationship may get under strain and you may need to listen very closely to your partner’s needs. It may be their desire to express themselves in making you a part of their life. Ensure you listen with both your ears and your heart. The relationship may blossom beautifully as you convince them about their importance in your life. Lovers looking forward to approval from elders may get a nod to move ahead. You may meet some of your past acquaintances at an official party.


The week may be good for students who may have been working hard to improve their scores and grades. This may enhance your knowledge and also improve the chances of gaining fortunes. Make sure you work hard to upgrade your learning skills around the time.


The week may be a safe one in terms of traveling. However, you may need to be careful about regular exercise and plan out a balanced diet. If you are suffering from obesity make sure you take the necessary steps to keep your weight under control lest it may prove harmful for your health. Take special care of your elders. Some natives may face kidney related problems. Those planning to undergo surgery may need to postpone it for the week as you may run low on immunity levels. The more you pay heed towards maintaining good health the more you may remain healthy. Keep up with regular workouts to maintain fitness levels to combat any ailment you may succumb to during the phase.


Cash inflows may be inordinately high during the period. You may find that your expenses may be gradually draining your bank account. There may arise a need to get cautious as it may create problems for you. Therefore, try and minimize your expenses along with your purchases, though it may only be to limit them so much. Prioritize your needs and spend accordingly. Investments may need to be postponed. You may have to wait longer to get an increment in your salary. Avoid lending money to anyone.


A new week for beginning as there may be ample career opportunities and challenges all this long. You may not take anything into mind except the fact that you may have to continue working harder. Your business may have been faltering a bit recently and the idea of gaining stability through a partnership may be playing on your mind. Do not hesitate in going ahead if the person is someone you may trust and the benefits are considerable. Make sure you pursue this option as it may bring the kind of success and stability you may have been lacking. Consider all options fully.

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