Capricorn Weekly Horoscope 31st October– 6th November 2021

Love and Relationships

You are suggested to remain faithful to your life partner. If you are planning to propose to someone, then you may remain lucky this week. In addition to this, you may get the approval from elders on the love relationship. This week may be a favorable time for planning kids. It is best for you to focus on your partner and family and avoid involving in an extramarital affair. You are suggested to think carefully about your actions and make sound choices. It is best for you to get your affection and other genuine expressions clear this week. If you are dating for long, your partner is likely to get ready for marriage.


Academicians are suggested to upgrade their knowledge as this may be a difficult phase. You may be quizzed by the students to learn more. Your existing knowledge may not match their questioning ability. So you are suggested to take learning seriously. Those who are planning to learn a new programming language to suit the industrial requirement may have to choose between language or ERP modeling. If you know the ERP model, then you may have to deal with statisticians who will collaborate with you in the learning process. It is best for you to take all the necessary learning to expedite understanding and making the final model.


It is best for you to have positive thinking as it may affect your mental peace. You are suggested to engage in some creative work to get relief from tension. You may also opt for meditation to remove unwanted thoughts from your mind. It is best for you to remain careful with skin allergy. It is best for you to get the medical consultations for even minor ailments. You are suggested to get strict with your diet practice. Too much junk food may make you lazy and sleepy this week. It is best to take care of your past wounds and cuts. There are chances of injury or wound in the same old place.


You may get some financial gains from your maternal side of the family. However, this week, there are chances of some financial imbalances. You are likely to focus on making plans for bringing your financial life back on track, but it is best for you to analyze before making any investment in share market, equities, or bonds. It is likely to be an auspicious time for buying a new flat or a vehicle this week. You are suggested to be careful of your capital investments before starting a business. It is best for you to avoid borrowing beyond your means to inflate your balance sheet as this may affect your financial leverage.


This week may be productive regarding your career, and you may get a lot of opportunities to prove your worth. You are likely to get support from your superiors. Also, there are chances of solving differences with them, if any. Your workload may increase suddenly. You are suggested to fulfill all responsibilities with much patience. Those who are working in a steel plant or in some chemical plant, then you are suggested to be extra careful while discharging your duties. It is best for you to give yourself some break from eating voraciously and continuously as this may put on weight.

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