Cancer Weekly Horoscope 3rd October– 9th October 2021

Love and Relationships

In the early part of the week some negative vibrations and malefic energies may keep on creating some or the other problems in your relations. The period may make it necessary for relationships to keep up with their efforts, understanding, sacrifices and compromises. The midweek may disturb a few of your personal and family issues which may refrain you from giving enough time to your partner. However, the period may bring you closer to your beloved as you spend some quality time with them around the weekend. This may help you to sort out some tricky issues with ease and comfort.


Despite having high confidence levels students may need to remain cautious as emotional problems may disturb you psychologically which may affect your education. Make sure you don’t take things personally instead face it as a challenge. Keep focused on activities that may improve your mental disposition. Although, around midweek you may get engulfed with anxiety which may harm your performance. However, you may gradually be able to regain confidence and may feel satisfied with your overall conduct.


The week may be encouraging as health and fitness levels may rise. Make sure you refrain from taking physical risks especially while driving your vehicle. It may also be necessary for you to keep a close watch on your eating habits and sustain them. Practice strict discipline in your diet particularly while traveling to monitor your energy levels. Nonetheless, your health and energy levels may gradually improve after midweek.


The period may be the best time for you to enjoy comforts and worldly pleasures. A fortunate time for auspicious happenings where you may be able to fulfill your heart’s desires. There may be an explicit growth of affluence along with increased materialistic rewards. It may be a time to receive betterment in your financial conditions. In short a period for happiness and comfort. The positive impact of planets may help you to receive better results which may bring immense joy and satisfaction in your life. This may be the peak time to attain goodness which may make you financially stronger.


Progressive forces may effectively and strongly work in your favor for the week. However, the initial part of the week may make you more impatient and assertive. This kind of attitude may not take you far in maintaining a healthy and professional relationship. You may need to pay heed to useful suggestions from your associates and well-wishers. Although conditions may gradually improve in the latter part of the week. With the positive influence of stars around the weekend, you may get much sure about your future course of action and its occurring results.

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