Cancer Weekly Horoscope 10th October– 16th October 2021


Love and Relationships

The week may be good for love and relationships but don’t expect much out of it. It may get necessary for you to compromise on some matters to keep your partner happy. In the latter part of the week, planets indicate there may be some chances of their feelings being hurt. You may be emotionally irresponsible at times and have the tendency to argue with others over silly and petty issues. This may be the reflection of some inner uneasiness. Make sure you maintain your cool and not get frustrated while discussing important issues in order to avoid major disruptions.


A sudden possibility may knock your door during this period. This may open doors to opportunities you may have been waiting for long. The phase may be favorable in terms of progress. Students may need to pull up their socks and be ready to accept challenges and tasks in studies as it may be the best time to explore opportunities. With the positive impact of planets, you may be blessed with striking confidence when it comes to your performance. To attain success, time management may get critical. You may need to understand the power of self-belief if you want to achieve your goals now.


Due to favorable planetary influences, you may expect some relief from your health perspective. Due to emotional attachments or issues, your mind may get a little upset around midweek. This may make you uncomfortable mentally and also adversely affect your health. Ensure you keep a check on your emotions and take good care of your health. Ganesha advises you to find moments of relaxation out of busy schedules to maintain enthusiasm and peace of mind. Except for some uneasiness, headaches, and mood swings you may remain in good shape for the week.


This period may grant you some growth besides which some financial gains may also be indicated. In the initial half of the week, there may be an enhancement in wealth which may boost your financial prospects. However, the latter part of the week may also prompt you to take some ambitious decisions for quick gains. You may need to avoid such decisions as there may be chances of wrong judgments and resultant problems around the weekend. In case you are unable to resist such temptations you might face problems.


With the support of planets, you may make progress in your career. But you may need to pay utmost attention to product quality as this could make or mar your reputation. Overload may affect your pace of work and irritate at times particularly around midweek. However, the latter part of the week is likely to provide you with some excellent opportunities for growth and gain in your business. It may be time to sharpen your money management acumen. With the help of your intelligent moves, you are likely to make noticeable progress as desired by you around the weekend.

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