Best Medicine for Hangover Headache at Home

The after-effects of hangovers can be physically and psychologically disturbing. They can be so annoying that you regret drinking last night. The major effect that bothers you the most is the hangover headache. It can make you feel nauseous, bring the tendency of vomiting and keep you uneasy all day long. 

Not to mention, there are a number of products out there claiming to cure hangover headaches, but they do not actually work. Plus, most of them do not have a scientific explanation for curing headaches. The best medicines for hangover headachesare made at home. They are natural, effective, and readily available at home.

The first step towards avoiding headaches is to limit the amount of alcohol you usually take. Apart from that, we have some remedies that can reduce the effects of hangovers and ease your pain. 

Before that, let us talk about some scientists-recommended remedies. 

  1. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is one of the crucial nutrients found in our foods, like potatoes, poultry, and fruits. Alcohol decreases the levels of vitamin B6 in our body, making it difficult for the system to metabolize and eliminate alcohol.

Taking the source of Vitamin B6 with the help of a hearty meal or using a supplement will help your body release the alcohol effect faster. It will also help the body avoid the hangover headache if you take Vitamin B6 after or before drinking. 

  1. Fitness drinks

Hydration is essential after drinking. When you drink, the body may lose electrolytes and get dehydrated. 

Gulping down liquids rich in electrolytes will help your body to receive the lost electrolytes and remain hydrated. Studies have found that fitness drinks can help recover the hydration in the body and provide relief. They can hydrate faster than a regular glass of water. But make sure not to take an overdose of it. An excess amount will increase the level of sugar in your body, which will worsen the condition. Instead of working as medicine for hangover headaches, it will work as a poison. So do not overdo it.  

  1. Light exercise 

Generally, working out after a night of excess drinking is not recommended. 

But a low-intensity workout can help the body increase its metabolism, making it lose alcohol and other toxins quickly. 

But ensure that you are staying hydrated while working out, as your body is already dehydrated due to the effects of hangovers.  Remember, hydration can be the best medicine for hangover headaches. 

Tips to ease the pain 

Make sure to eat

Chunk on food during, before, and after the drink. Here’s why.

  • Eating food balances the blood sugar levels. Hangover headaches may get worse with a low level of blood sugar. 
  • High blood sugar will also limit the amount of acid built in the blood. This may be the roadblock to exhaustion, headache, and nausea. 
  • Alcohol makes your body lose vitamins. Eating can recover the number of vitamins lost and aid in preventing effects like headaches. 

Drink water

Try taking a glass of water after every drink. It will help you remain hydrated and prevent headaches. Your body loses fluids and electrolytes after drinking at a faster rate. Drinking water will help you stay hydrated even if the body produces too much urine or you end up vomiting.

Hangover capsules 

If you want quick relief from the hangover headache, try the available capsules made for hangover headaches. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins to recover you from the effects of alcohol and treat headaches. They can turn out to be one of the best medicines for a hangover headache. Medicines like Bounce Back are the most effective. 

Summing Up 

Hangover headaches are nothing to be afraid of; they are common. Yet, you need to find the right cure immediately to get rid of the annoying effect. Trust on the remedies and medicines mentioned above so that you never again go through a  hangover headache like before. 

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