Basic Mistakes to Avoid before Planning an Event

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There are various types of event organized in this country. Some people hire professional for arranging their events and some like to do it on their own. Nowadays people are inclining towards hiring event planners because they are incapable of arranging their occasion themselves, either because they have a very busy schedule or because they do not have experience in this regard. However, if you have decided to do event planning on your own then before starting do plenty of research on the do’s and don’ts of event planning and save yourself from making the following errors.

1. People often think that writing down all the requirements and goals is a waste of time. No matter how much time it takes, it is better that you list all the things you need for the event and the goals that you want to achieve instead of only keeping them in your mind because if you missed something out, then the chances of getting the event getting ruined will increase.

2. Make a proper financial statement. After listing all the expenses, check again and check to make sure that you have not forgotten to add anything. The estimation of food and drinks, catering and sitting places should be more than expected because it can be quite embarrassing in front of your guests if you fall short of anything.

3. Do not appoint those services for example catering, chefs, DJs, lighting etc that you are not familiar with; this mistake can destroy your whole event. Always contact those ones that you have to know from reliable sources or had prior experience with them.

4. At the end of the day, you still get to pay certain amount of money from your pocket but if you invested all your money in the preparation then you will face trouble. Therefore, always keep some money in spare for unexpected expenses.

5. You should be aware of the fact that there is no harm in negotiating with your lenders. It can happen that the services you are opting for are charging more money as compare to what other services are charging in the market. Thus, find the cheapest but good services otherwise your budget will get unbalanced.

6. First, complete all the big tasks like booking the location, hiring different services etc and then come to the smaller tasks like making the guest list, making invitations etc. If you start spending a lot of time on petty issues you will waste a lot of time.

These general errors are some of the many errors that can be made during event planning; however, learning about them will help you in making an error free event.

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