Affirmations For Leaders for a Successful Future

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Being a leader puts us in a “doing” mode all day long. Even when we put our head on the pillow at night and want to relax, the brain still continues to do and do and do. We call it thinking, but for the leadership mind this is a very aggresive kind of thinking, which means a mind that is so active, that has so many ideas and is continuously looking for ways that will bring success. The mind becomes somewhat occupied with things that we have (or usually haven’t) achieved today, occupied with things we are eager to adept and to see what results they will bring.

The special window of time just before we fall asleep should not be filled with worries, doubts or planning. Instead, it is the perfect time to utilize an empowering and positive affirmation. There are times when I reach the end of my day that I have the urge to do a quick reset and then start the next day (without taking the time to sleep)…but as I am thinking this thought, I find that my body is already very tired and that I better allow it to rest.

Since we cannot really stop the mind doing what it knows to do best – To Think, we must work with it rather than against it. We can take this wonderful ability that we all have and leverage our results by using it to our benefit. A few years ago, after encountering the potency of empowering and positive affirmations, I started to incorporate them and experiment with them. For a while I used affirmations in ways that didn’t bring any results. But I held to the belief that affirmations are a very powerful tool — it just made so much sense to me. About 5 years ago I discovered that it had really started to work!!

You see, what I discovered was that in order for affirmations to work there must be a formula. A formula that combines a number of elements: the time of day, the structure of the affirmation, and the way you write it. And after tweaking and twisting it, the formula has been found!! (And thank god I don’t need to yell them anymore, I’ve done that too in a few seminars and the only result that showed up was a sore throat).

This formula will assist the leadership mind to accomplish two things by using it:

The first one is to relax the mind in a DIFFERENT WAY just before going to sleep. Affirmations For the Independent Business OwnerThe second one is to condition it to accomplish the desired outcome.

So here is what I mean: instead of thinking about the things that need to be done, or coming up with new ideas at the time that you are supposed to enter a relaxed mode so you can fall asleep, I’d like you to use the mind to CONDITION it (or yourself) to accomplish those things, because really, it’s time to go to sleep and not be busy — more thoughts are just going to keep you awake at night and then tired in the morning, when it is time to take productive action, like making calls, giving a presentation or going to a networking event and looking focused and refreshed.

An extra benefit is that you will fall asleep much more easily and even start sleeping better since your mind is actually going to be “distracted” by doing the task of writing the affirmation.
After you turn off the lights and wish to fall asleep, allow your mind to visualize the manifestation of that affirmation, so the last things you will be holding in your mind before you enter the dream stage are the images, sounds, smells, feelings of living this affirmation.

With that, take deep breaths, relax when you visualize it, DON’T go to think about what you need to/should do. See it as done!! You can relax and fall asleep now.

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