5 Website Strategies for Growing Your Business


In today’s digital world, businesses have to be online if they want to succeed. 72% of consumers use search first to find information on local businesses. These searches help customers make decisions, and what they find could make or break them coming to your store or contacting your business.

But, it takes more work than just having a website to attract website traffic and turn traffic into customers. What can your business do to boost your online presence? Here are five website strategies to improve your business website and generate online growth.

1. Optimize Your Site for Search

To make your site easier for customers to find and rank higher in search results, you have to include keywords. Research to find the best keywords related to your business that customers use in their search queries. Then, incorporate those keywords into your website copy, headlines, and meta descriptions. 

2. Optimize Your Site for Conversions

The goal of any website should be to get visitors to take some action like make a purchase or fill out a form.

So, create landing pages designed to provide helpful information and collect customer’s information. Include calls to action on your pages and in your copy to get users to take the next step. 

Also, have your call to action and contact information above the fold to make it easy for users to convert. 

3. Create Blogs and Guest Blogs

Google wants to provide the best search results possible for its users. So Google indexes pages to find information that it determines is helpful. By creating blogs, you can create valuable content on your website that makes it more likely that your website will appear in search results. 

You’ll want to backlink to your website to provide more information and website traffic in the guest blogs. Backlinks are an important factor Google uses to rank your site. If reputable sites backlink to your website, that signals to Google that your site is also reputable and provides helpful information for searchers. 

4. Keep the User Experience in Mind

Your site needs to make sense to users so they can easily navigate and understand it. So use categories, labels, and navigation features that are intuitive. A poor user experience can and cause your hard-earned traffic to leave without converting. 

Keep your web design simple. Too much clutter with text and images can turn off your audience and slow down your site.

Getting your website to look and function optimally for customers can be time-consuming. But a web design company can bring the experience necessary to create a modern, user-friendly website. 

5. Maintain Your Site on the Backend

Although you can just upload your website, and Google will do the rest to have it appear in results, it can take a while for Google to index your page unless you tell Google to index it. The faster you get it indexed, the sooner your site can appear on search results. 

Since most searches today are conducted with a mobile phone, your site should be mobile responsive. 

You also want to manage your website files so that it doesn’t make your site load slow. 

Be sure you fix any errors or broken links with your site, as it can negatively impact your user’s experience. 

Incorporate These Website Strategies on Your Site Today

Your website is where you want all your customers to end up. It provides customers with the information they need, allows you to collect leads, and helps you make more sales. By following these website strategies, you can make your website easier to find, simple to navigate, and more likely to convert customers. 

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