5 Gifts You Can Get for Your Friends This Christmas

Christmas is all about taking some time off from work to spend the end of the year with your loved ones. You may opt to spend some time with your friends only to settle down and spend most of your time with family members you don’t get to meet all year long. Christmas is a time for spreading joy and cheer, and giving gifts and presents to loved ones is one way of doing it. 

Before picking a gift for family members, it’s best to look at their Amazon lists. This way, you’ll be able to get them what they want. When picking a gift for your parents, get a gift that has a sentimental element to it, and you’ll make their Christmas. However, buying gifts for friends can be a bit tricky. They might already have the item you want to give. However, you can go above and beyond by getting your friends something unique. You must support your friends in whatever way you can. 

One way to make your gift unique is to remember what makes them most happy and support their growth. We have made a list of gifts you can give to your friends, so they know that you care:

1. The Five-Minute Journal

New Year’s Celebrations follow Christmas, and many people make resolutions at this time of the year. You can give your friend a helpful tool for staying more mindful if that’s their resolution. Life can get ahead of you quickly when your days are occupied with completing a list of tasks. If you have a friend who struggles with anxiety and can’t take time for themselves, you should give them this gift. It will serve as a reminder for them to slow down. The Five-Minute Journal has excellent reviews, as it provides a small space for self-care that your overworked friend will thank you immensely for.

2. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

If you have a friend who loves mysteries and jigsaws, you can get them this gift. This jigsaw puzzle has 500 pieces, which means you can make it the main activity of your Christmas game night. Nothing tells your friends you know them well and care about them better than giving them something that speaks to their specific interests. It’s one of those fun gifts that can take your friend back to their simple childhood days.

3. Whisky-of-the-Month Subscription

The only things better than gifts are whisky gifts. Give your friends a whisky subscription, which comes in one-month, three-month, and six-month subscription packages. Throughout the subscription’s duration, your friend will receive different whiskies to explore and enjoy. It’s a unique gift to present your friend with, especially if that friend likes the finer things in life. The subscriptions are more on the expensive side; however, it will make your friend discover something new about themselves. You can also support their interests and ensure they feel they’ve gained new experiences. Next time you’re out with them, tell them to order a whisky for you so they can share their newfound knowledge with you.

4. Shiitake Mushroom Log

Do you have a friend who’s a chef or a great home cook? Then, you should buy this gift for them. It’s a spore-filled log that grows mushrooms when it is in water. You have to soak the log in the water and let it sit in a cool and damp place. The mushrooms have a growth time of about six weeks, and then, voila! Your friend will have fresh shiitake mushrooms in their kitchen. They can use these to make mushroom soup or mushroom sauce. Fresh mushrooms are a luxury not everyone has access to, and this minimalistic way of providing fresh mushrooms to your chef friend will undoubtedly make them feel special.

5. Soul Sisters Band 

This gift is for your soul sister, the special best friend who has been through thick and thin with you. It’s a reminder of the place that she holds in your life. It’s simple and minimalist, so the gift speaks for itself. It comes in several different colours which you can choose from. It’s also adjustable, and she can wear it as a bracelet or an arm cuff. It’s engraved and bound to make her feel special. You can also buy yourself one so it can be a matching set signifying your years of friendship. 

Final Thoughts

There are many gifts you can buy for your friends this Christmas. However, with the holiday spirit, you must remember these people are some of the most important ones in your life. They are part of your chosen family, and if you can make them feel immensely special on this yearly occasion, that’s what you must do. Make sure to put some thought into who they are, and buy the gift according to what you know. Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to mean something.

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