5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Installers for Homeowners

Are you looking to try solar energy?

The solar industry achieved record numbers despite the health crisis. It’s the reason sources for solar panels abound.

All solar panels reduce electric consumption. However, choosing the right installers remains crucial. Continue reading for five factors to consider when looking for solar installers for homeowners.

1. The Credentials as Solar Installers for Homeowners 

Examine the credentials of the solar installers for homeowners. Some of the leading solar energy providers carry various certifications. These include ones from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Pick one with a license to install solar panels in your area. Never settle for a contractor without insurance.

Solar panel installation comes with risks. If an accident happens during the installation, the insurance will shoulder the expenses.

2. Experience Matters

Pick a company with extensive experience in solar equipment. The installer must master the solar installation process.

These contractors must have at least three years of industry experience. How many installations did they complete? Ask questions about the process and see if they provide clear answers.

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3. The Quality of the Products

To maximize the benefits of solar energy, consider the quality of the solar panels. Find a company with high-quality solar panel offerings.

The promising prospects of solar energy make durable panels vital. Learn about the different types of solar panels. Amorphous panels are cheap, but they aren’t the most efficient.

Polycrystalline panels offer efficiency. However, they take up a lot of roof space.

The most popular choice is the Monocrystalline panels. They take the least amount of roof space while providing decent performance.

4. Fair Pricing and Transparency

Consider your solar installation budget. Consult with the solar company about your options. Good companies provide custom quotes with utmost transparency.

The estimates should indicate a clear breakdown of installation. It should show the cost of the products, parts, and labor.

Make sure there are no hidden fees. If you have a small budget, ask about financing options. Some companies offer a combination of solar leasing and solar ownership.

Inquire about whether you’re eligible for a federal solar tax credit. A reputable company should guide you with the steps.

5. Customer Feedback

Customer service also matters. Check the customer reviews section on the solar company’s website. Find out what their customers are saying about their solar installation experience.

Take note of the positive and negative feedback. Skip the companies with too many bad reviews. Reading online reviews will also help.

Discover New Ways to Improve Your Home Now

Finding reputable solar installers for homeowners ensures the quality of your solar panels. It lets you maximize the benefits and experience top-notch customer service.

Switching to solar will save you a lot of money in the long run. However, it’s only one of the many ways to improve your house. Study other ways to improve your curb appeal and energy efficiency today.

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