Your Questions About Skincare and Beauty Answered

When it comes to our identity and self-confidence, our skincare and beauty are symbiotic to the way we feel.

There is always something that we’d like to improve upon or fix, and you don’t have to do it alone.

For example, have you ever been frustrated with your dry skin and wondered how on earth you can go about fixing it? Or are you getting nervous about how your hair formation is changing? What about trying to find sustainable and clean beauty products?

With the skincare and beauty world abundant with incredible brands and innovative products to improve your wellbeing, your skin and your beauty, the good news is that not only will your questions be answered but you can take action too!

That is why we have gathered up the most common questions related to skincare and beauty and answered them for you.

What Products Should I Use in My Skincare Routine?

We have all been told by now that we should develop our own skincare routine. But often it does not feel as straightforward as just that. Where do you even start and how do you know what products are right for you? In general, your skincare routine should consist of a lineup of basic essentials such as a hydrating serum and moisturizer, face wash and sunscreen. But the exact products you choose to use is entirely up to you and the type of skin you have. In general, we recommend using clean beauty from Rose Inc, which use strict guidelines to ensure that the impact on the planet is minimized—meaning the formulas are clean and undergo a range of tests before hitting the shelves. But more important than the products that you do use is your consistency in using them. Being disciplined with your skincare routine will give you the best results over time!

How Do I Get The Perfect Eyebrows Long Term?

Our eyebrows are a key feature of our beauty and identity. There are those that go all-natural and embrace the bushy brows. Then there are those that like to go super sleek and thin. And then of course there is the happy medium where they are thick and defined but still clean. Maintaining the perfect eyebrow shape takes daily discipline unless of course, you decide to go for a more long-term maintenance option of microblading. If you are wondering what is microblading, think of it as a semi-permanent make-up procedure that helps you create the perfect brow that you are after. Microblading is done with a tool that draws on false brow hairs exactly where you need them to create that full and plump brow look. It affects the first few layers of your skin, meaning that your eyebrows won’t need another touch up for at least another year or more.  All you need to do is decide with your esthetician beforehand how you want your brows to look and book in two sessions to get the treatment completed.

Can I Make My Hair Plop Too?

Thanks to the viral TikToks, wanting your hair to plop is certainly one of the new beauty trends. Hair plopping is basically drying curly hair in a specific way so that your hair will naturally curl—even if your hair tends to be straighter on most days! So if you are wonderinghow to plop hair, rest assured it is something you can easily do as well. The first step starts when you are still washing your hair—where you will comb your hair with the conditioner still in. This will be the only time you brush during the plopping process. Next, you will then apply a leave-in conditioner with your fingers and squeeze out any excess water with a large cotton shirt or pillowcase. Then, you will want to put your hair in the large t-shirt and tie it up with your hair inside, allowing your hair to dry for around half an hour, but the longer the better. Once you take your hair out of the t-shirt, your hair will look fabulously plopped for the day!

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Hip Dips?

If you have insecurity from small curves that sit right below your hip and right above your thigh—commonly referred to as hip dips—then don’t worry, because we are here to tell you exactly how to get rid of hip dips. These naturally occurring lines occur based on the shape of our body and the distribution between fat and muscle in the area. If you are wanting to get rid of these lines, then you will have two different options: liposuction and fat grafting. Liposuction will reduce the level of fat in the area and also reshape the skin to work with your body. Fat grafting will take fat from another part of your body and inject it into the hip dip so that the line is smoothed out. Both are common, so you should talk to your doctor about what option might be best for you.

How Do I Know if I Have a Widows Peak?

As we age, especially for men, our hair will start to change—especially our hairline. This tends to happen to most in the mid to late twenties and is completely normal. Depending on what exactly is causing your hair to change is the key to understanding your solutions. So first off, you should know the difference between widows peak and receding hairline. A Widow’s Peak is a distinctive V-shaped hairline that forms at the forehead and maybe a sign of future baldness. But it is also something that many of us are simply born with and does not always actually signal balding or thinning of our hair. On the other hand, receding hairlines is formed by the delay of your hair re-growing back with age and the shrinking of your hair follicles in general. A receding hairline tends to start near the temples and will slowly but surely move back. But the good news is that if you fear you are starting to lose your hair, you can take action in a range of ways that include ditching the hairdryer, enhancing your Vitamin A and Vitamin D intake and adding more moisture through conditioning your hair more frequently.

What are the Best Makeup Accessories

When it comes to creating that perfect beauty look, the makeup accessories you use to apply are just as important as the makeup products themselves. You will want to invest in quality brushes that allow the makeup to be distributed evenly to your skin. In general, you will want at least 10 different types of brushes to apply to different parts of your face. You will also want a blending sponge to get that dewy glow to your skin when you’re starting out with the first layer of foundation.  And don’t forget to invest in a great makeup organizer kit to store everything in one place.  Just makes sure that you care for your makeup accessories and clean them after every use.

Wanting to know more about improving your beauty and skincare is the first step to achieving your goals. From hair to skin and makeup, there are trends and products out there to help you every step of the way and feel more confident about yourself.

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