Why pay when you can get free video games!

The Day of Judgement is coming soon, I reckon! Because video games are not free anymore! Okay, that may be a teensy-weensy bit melodramatic as many games are available for free on Android. However, some of them have in-app purchases, but they can be unlocked after for free by completing a task or mission. Or you can just play without any hassle of in-app purchases online at https://kalamanthana.com/.

We have curated a list for you where all you want is an android smartphone, a stable internet connection and some solitude to enjoy these games for free. So, this list is going to take you to the 5 best games that you can play without shedding a dime. 

Alto’s Odyssey

The game has a fan base of its own and it is available for free at the App Store and Play Store with the rating of 4.5 on 5. The game is developed by Team Alto and Snowman and published by Noodleneck studios. 

The game is endless run-on sand. It is up to you how far you can go. The virtual avatar of the player can do tricks and jumps by tapping on the touch screen. Unlike its predecessor, which was based on snowboarding, this game has three sand biomes. These are three maps having different hurdles. For instance, in dunes, the player can cross bumpy rocks and uneven surfaces with the latest mechanics. The Canyons allows a player to climb up the canyon walls. You can earn coins as you progress and complete task. These coins can be used to unlock a compass. Reviews reflect that gamers love its Zen Mode where players lift in the air after getting hit by an obstacle.

Candy Crush Saga

The game officially holds the title of People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Mobile Game 2016. Developed and published by King, the game has been the most successful of all times. It is a simple match-three puzzle game that rewards you with sound effects of Sweet, Tasty, and Delicious. 

A child lives in everyone. Candy crush seems to fulfil the dream of every child, i.e., to live in a world made of candies and chocolate. The game comes with high-end graphics, around 10,000 levels, and scrumptious episodes. Each of them has a different storyline. The game had a limited-edition model, Dreamworld featuring Odus, the owl. Players had to match the candies without disturbing the balance of the moon on which Odus slept, while a soulful tune played in the background. 

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja made everyone feel like Tom Cruise of the Laat Samurai. The visually appealing graphics and immaculate control made it everyone’s favourite. Half Brick Studios merged Japanese culture into a fruit-slicing game. Different types of fruits will appear to be thrown up on the screen and the player needs to slice them before they fall off. The game is simple yet it hooks the player. Sometimes, a bomb appears which triggers a detonation on being sliced. 

Zen mode doesn’t come with any bombs, but the players just have 1.5 minutes to slice as many fruits as they can. In Arcade Mode, the bomb deducts 10 points. However, three bombs in a game can be deflected by powering up with ability. 

Subway Surfer

The game starts when Jake tries to paint the subway’s wall with his spray paint to spell Subway Surfer and he is hurled by a policemen’s call and whistle. He runs, runs, and runs. There is no end to this cat and mouse chase. After some time, the policeman vanishes and Jake keeps on collecting gold coins as the speed increases, thus increasing the adrenaline rush. A jetpack allows him to surf the skies. The policeman reappears if Jake bumps in any hurdle and is caught if he hits a train or is not able to jump over or slide under a hurdle. 

Plants V. Zombies

This game has been ruling the arcade genre since its release in 2009. Its plants against zombies who are trying to get into the house from the backyard and eat your brains out. The sunflower plants emit suns to unlock different kinds of plants such as walnuts, pea-plants, snow-pea and melon-pult. 

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