Why does parenting feel so hard?

family of four walking at the street
Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com

Parenting is not always easy. Some days the children just won’t listen, and other times they will explode with blame. At those times all you need to say is “just focus on your family and make it all better”. If you don’t do that then parenting becomes a treadmill of complaining and blaming and absolutely no improvement in your parenting performance.

Sometimes, when your child has an off day it can seem like the whole world is against you. I know that feeling because I used to be a very complaining parent. If my kids didn’t get what was being done in the school room or in the playground I would be on them like a steam train. I would let them know why my day was better than theirs and I would get angry at them for even trying to compare themselves with me.

You see, as parents we need to be able to look at our lives objectively and see that we are doing all right and good in the life we have chosen for our family. So the question of the question “Why does parenting feel so hard?” Is not so much a question of how hard it is but rather how lucky we are to be able to spend our lives with our children instead of choosing to be without them. When we allow ourselves to look at the situation objectively, we find that there are no major or minor reasons why parenting feels so hard.

Parenting doesn’t feel hard if you understand that your children are the most important part of your life. If you love your children you will do anything for them and they will do anything for you. It’s a bond that is impossible to break, so you really do need to be the best parent you can be. As hard as parenting may be sometimes it’s just simply the best choice for you and your children.

The second part of the question is when you realize that most of the things you do to raise your children are done with a lot of guilt. Guilt that you feel prevents you from giving your children the best life possible, even though your work hours are many hours and you feel you are exhausted.

Most people who struggle to balance their work life and family life have discovered that they could simply create more time for themselves and their children by simply working less and spending more time with their families. In fact this works remarkably well and works the best, the longer you stay committed to making it work. Once you start creating some extra free time you don’t feel so guilty anymore and you’ll wonder why does parenting feel so difficult? The trick is to maintain that feeling of guilt-free living with you and your children for the best results possible.

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