Why are entrepreneurs better than managers?

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As a stay-at-home writer and an occasional manager, I often hear from business owners who blame me for not being more productive. They tell me that I’m not a good leader or a good manager because I am too busy being a writer and focussing just on salary.

Isn’t that the story of every managers? We are not supposed to be extra productive as we are mere employees working for salaries and so, we are not too concerned about bringing new things on board. This is the precise difference, according to me, between a manager and an entrepreneur.

Managers are employees who work for money & they’re focussed on completing the task for the day. On the other hand, entrepreneurs are those souls who have to bring something to the table everyday. They work for themselves & the entire structure of their company depends on how productive they are and how well they’re able to manage and micromanage their resources.

It is the entrepreneur who is the visionary, and that perhaps the most important skill an entrepreneur needs to be a success is a vision for success.

So what do we mean by a vision for success? It could mean having a clear set of goals and a vision for completing those goals. A good manager may use various management skills to accomplish those goals, but it is the entrepreneur who brings the passion, creativity, and resolve to bring those results to fruition. And that’s true no matter how big or small the organization.

So why are entrepreneurs better than managers? It is clear that an entrepreneur has a vision, and that they are able to turn that vision into reality. An entrepreneur is persistent. An entrepreneur is also willing to invest time and effort. They are also willing to work under pressure. Managers are good, too. I am not disregarding them. However, they’re just too many managers in the world right now, and we desperately need visionaries to take us through the 21st Century. Why do we need more visionaries? Why do we need more entrepreneurs? Because the world is dying. Our earth is facing human-driven disasters ranging from deforestation to extinction of numerous species. Managers can’t save this planet as earth needs something more than 9-5. Someone who can work round the clock and bring necessary developments to preserve & sustain our resources, flora and fauna.

And the final reason why are entrepreneurs better than managers? The characteristics of a visioning entrepreneur make it much easier to get others to work along with them. It’s difficult to get a manager to be more productive than an entrepreneur because they’re boring, yes I said it. That doesn’t mean that the manager doesn’t have his or her own skills. It means that an entrepreneur has a vision and that he or she is willing to put those visioning skills to work.

Consider this. One of your neighbors might be a great salesperson, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of running a business, he or she might be worse at it than you are. Why? Because your neighbor might not be a visionary, and that vision is much easier to sell to others than is abstract knowledge. That’s why salespeople need coaches.

There’s a lot to think about when you ask “Why are entrepreneurs better than managers?” But I believe I’ve answered the first part of the question. And I believe there’s one more question to answer. Why would anybody want to be an entrepreneur if they didn’t love it?

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