Where does magic exist?

woman using umbrella with lights
Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

‘Magic lies in the hands of magicians’ this is something we all have at least heard once in our life. Also everything that has an essence of  the word magic attracts children all around the globe. Take an example of a fiction novel; Harry Potter, have you ever thought why people love such stories that involve magic and other fiction elements? Does magic and magical spells really exist in this material world? If not then where did this idea of magic come into the human mind? 

Here, when I say magic it involves all types of tricks and spells that you can categorize into magic. All the magical tricks we see, whether it is card magic tricks or coin magic tricks, etc. All those magic tricks performed by a magician on stage have hidden details or secrets behind them, which can involve science or just the beauty of the illusion that a magician creates. Nowadays most of the magic tricks are based on illusions and some basic science (chemistry to be specific). Then why can’t we find the secrets behind all those magic tricks when we watch them on the stage?

Talking of magic, there is a movie; “The Prestige” which is a science fiction psychological thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan. There comes a line in the movie where Alfred says “you’re looking for the secret. But you won’t find it because of course, you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to work it out. You want to be fooled.” 

This is exactly the answer to why we can’t figure out the secret behind a magic trick even after sitting in front of a magician and observing him performing those tricks. We want to enjoy the magic trick that was performed by the magician because everyone claps for the magician when he perform his tricks using some magical gestures but as soon as you get to know about the secret behind that trick, it no more impresses you and the magician loses his value in your mind and obviously your mind don’t want you to lose interest in something that makes you happy.

I was a 12yrs old kid, when I saw a magician doing a trick where he made a lemon bleed. He took out a knife and asked for a lemon from any house around and when he cut it with his knife red colour was dropping as if lemon was bleeding. I was really stunned seeing that lemon bleed and accepted that yes some dark magic or powers exists that helps that magician to make any lemon bleed. 

But after learning a little chemistry in my higher classes I got to know that when the juice of the China Rose comes in contact with lime juice it reacts to produce a red liquid. This is the reason why that magician used his own knife and lemon from any other house to make it look more realistic but the secret was he had already put China Rose juice on his knife.

Just imagine how good they are at basic chemistry. Something that we are learning in our school books they are using daily to make money and amaze people.

Now talking of some magic that is not performed by any magician but some places have that magic and some old stories of magicians and their magical spells that can turn anything out of nowhere or some places hold some old stories like; some ancient temples in India are known to have eternal flames which have burnt for centuries. For example the famous Jwaladevi Temple, Shaktinagar, Uttar Pradesh, a famous Shrine of Maa Durga; where the divine flames are eternally burning from centuries. How is that possible? Is there any kind of magic or ancient magical spells that has given rise to such wonderful and so-called magical places?

I believe all such places, where people think that some kind of magic or curse exists, have a scientific explanation for all the events occurring there. The only thing that needs to be done is research on such places and most importantly don’t try to make your living out of those places. Respect mother earth and all those wonders created by the universe.

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