What Should You Look for in an Online Transcription Service?

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Transcription services enable you to convert speech to text for purposes such as video subtitles, podcast notes, and additional written content. They make work easier by helping you save on time and energy you would have otherwise spent transcribing your video and audios yourself. Choosing the right online transcription service can be challenging. Here is a guide on what to look for deliberate just for you:

Human transcribers

Some transcription providers are automated, while others require manual use. To give you the best of both worlds and high-quality results, choose to pick one that incorporates the use of human transcribers and speech recognition AI that they can use.

Quick turnaround time

The faster you get results, the quicker you can get back to your daily businesses. You require an online transcription service that provides the results fast but with the lowest error rate possible. What is the point of having the quickest provider with plenty of faults in the text? You can track the progress and even download versions of your transcriptions as they’re being completed to reduce your anxiety due to the wait. This is only available in a few providers.

Transparent pricing policies

This is very important as some service providers add ghost costs that do not exist, doubling the price you will be required to pay. To curb this situation and ensure total trust from the customer, transcription service providers came up with a transcription cost calculator. It requires the client to fill in information such as total time of audio to be converted, text format required, whether clean or full verbatim, number of speakers, quality of audio, language, and turnaround time you expect. The faster the delivery time, the higher the cost you will incur, e.g., one day costs $1.56 per minute while five days costs $1.08 per minute.

Accuracy in work delivery

Quality is the fundamental goal of the expected outcome in transcriptions. To guarantee this, the companies hire professionals with experience. The trainees are highly trained with rules and guidebooks. They have to undergo thorough scrutiny and pass several tests before they can begin transcription. Look for one that incorporates the use reviews to ensure quality and accuracy. For instance, GoTranscript, in addition to this vetting system, provides the most accurate online transcription services thanks to the support of 48 different languages and accents present and they handle complex assignments such as STEM, academic and technical papers.


General going rate for transcribing falls between $o.10 to $1.50 and beyond per audio minute. This depends on aspects of your audio, such as quality, accents present, and whether it’s human or automated transcription. Some have discounts for their customer loyalty reward programs, so you may want to stick around when you get the right fit. The more you pay, the higher the quality of audio you will receive. However, choose one that is pocket-friendly.

Commitment and confidentiality

Your provider of choice should have client confidentiality as one of the highest values. Such providers ensure their transcribers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The files are only stored in their servers, so they cannot be accessed by outsiders. Moreover, the files are encrypted when sent back to clients, and transcriptionists are closely monitored. Finally, they have many years of experience, which is essential when choosing a transcription service for it guarantees competence and outstanding results.

Final thoughts

The key factors you should look for when selecting an online transcription service are the speed of delivery, affordability, and accuracy, among others. Mainly use those to differentiate the services and choose one that best suits your needs.

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