What can possibly go wrong during a car Shipping process

Shipping a vehicle overseas needs both money and planning. If you do not plan and organize the shipping process right, you may expose your vehicle to the risk of damage and yourself to unwanted expenses. Handing your car to the shipping company is a big deal as you are trusting a stranger with your precious vehicle. It is important to hire the right shipping company and prepare your vehicle well before handing your car keys to the company. Despite the availability of many good shipping companies, people make some very common mistakes while shipping their vehicles. If you too are planning to ship your vehicle, here are a few tips to avoid any shipping mistakes and have smooth and safe vehicle transportation.

No or Insufficient Research

Make sure to research enough before hiring a shipping company as finding the right vehicle transport company is a hard job. Learn everything about the best car shipping companies at Moving APT and know the exact amount they will charge to ship your vehicle. A shipping company needs to be registered by the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in order to transport vehicles. Don’t forget to check the company’s operating license to be sure about the safety of your vehicle. You can even consider asking for recommendations and read the reviews of past customers to be sure about the company’s services.

Not Asking for Quotes

Get free quotes from more than two companies and compare their prices and type of service. Many companies quote a lower price but in that case, you may have to drop off and collect your car at the shipping yard. However, be sure that being costly doesn’t mean the best and you may have to pay extra for quicker service. Don’t fall for any verbal quotes or agreements; make sure your chosen company provides you everything in writing.

Wrong or Improper Documentation

Shipping companies need certain documents in order to transport your vehicle. These documents may vary for interstate and international moves. Some important documents required by a shipping company may include vehicle registration, insurance of the vehicle, identification documents, and a document to prove that you have the right to ship the vehicle. Make sure you have all these documents in order and ready with you.

Another important document that you will need is the inspection report prepared by your shipping company after carrying out a complete vehicle inspection. This inspection is carried out by the shipping company to ensure that the car is in a good shape and the car will be delivered in exactly the same condition. You must check your vehicle at the time of delivery and if you find any damages that are not mentioned in the inspection report, get it signed by the delivery driver else you may miss the insurance claim.

Not Getting Sufficient Insurance

Most vehicle shipping companies offer a basic insurance cover for an interstate move that covers your vehicle against any damage done during transit. Make sure you check the copy of the company’s insurance certificate and other policy-related documents to know the exact insurance coverage of your vehicle. If you feel the covered amount is not sufficient, it is wise to increase the insurance coverage by paying a little extra to the shipping company.

Not Cleaning Your Car Properly

It is important to acknowledge and repair any damages done to your car before you ship it to another place. Small faults and little damages can turn into bigger faults during the transit so it is wise to repair your well. Consider getting your car washed from inside and outside by a professional and also get it checked by a mechanic for any internal faults.

Not Removing Valuables and Personal Belongings

Don’t forget to empty your vehicle before handing it to the shipping company. While many people forget to remove their personal belongings from their car, many of them intentionally keep some things to ship with the vehicle and that is not right. Some companies do accept a certain weight to be packed in the car but they don’t take any responsibility for those goods. They do not bear any responsibility for any inspection done by the Department of Transportation during the transit as DOT has the right to seize your goods. Also, this personal luggage or stuff can cause damage to the internal body of your car. So, it is wise to take out all removable stuff from the vehicle and do not leave any personal belongings in it too.

Shipping your car will be a smooth and safe experience if you avoid the above-said mistakes. Also, make sure you post the after-service reviews on the company website to acknowledge the good services or giving a heads-up to new customers if you didn’t have a good experience. So, sharing your reviews and comments is very important.

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