What can birds teach us about leadership?

birds flying over body of water during golden hour
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Have you ever wondered what can birds teach us about leadership? Birds are known for their dynamic behaviors that make it easy to learn lessons from them. These birds have been in existence for millions of years and have taken much time to accumulate the wisdom and lessons they have to offer. They have shown us that following our basic lesson plan is key to reaching your goal.

In working with these magnificent birds you will notice some common characteristics that they share. One of these characteristics is their ability to use imagination to solve problems. Being able to do this is a learned trait and requires some patience and perseverance. It is often said that nothing is gained overnight and this is a lesson that must be remembered.

Birds teaches us that a lack of trust is often the reason that we get frustrated and do not progress properly. Repetition is very important as it is the way that all good leaders learn to get things done. The most successful and long-lasting leaders take the time to work with their team members and establish trust.

Birds also teaches us that perseverance, as mentioned above, is the key to success as it is the one trait that cannot be bought or given but must be earned. Patience is key, but perseverance must be exercised. Only with perseverance can any progress be made and new goals achieved. Working with these magnificent birds does not only require trust, but perseverance as well.

Birds also reminds us that people are usually in their best interests when working together. Differences do not lead to victory. Working together to achieve a common goal builds cohesion and trust among team members. Each person understands how their actions affect the outcome. Building cohesion and trust allow for an effective and efficient performance of functions within the team.

Birds & Leadership lessons

  1. Birds work together towards a shared goal.
  2. Birds share their workload.
  3. They live & die for their clan.
  4. They always adapt.

What can birds teach us about leadership? The simple truth is that we all need to begin by taking responsibility for our own feelings and thoughts. Our behavior affects our relationships and our daily lives. Learning more about birds and their behavior can help us become better leaders by learning how to harness our natural instincts to lead.

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