What are some pet hotel options in New York

If you’re looking for a luxury experience for your dog, choosing a hotel is the obvious choice while you’re away. A pet hotel offers the standard pet care services like boarding, often along with additional luxuries like private rooms, bedding, television, and more. Other facilities will offer a la carte services, giving pet owners total customization over their pet’s retreat. To help make your decision, here are some best pet hotel options in New York.

  1. New York Dog Spa and Hotel

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of playtime and ultimate relaxation for your dog, this center has all the services you’re looking for. During the day, your dog will have the opportunity to play with plenty of other furry friends. This facility has two separate play areas designed to keep little dogs from larger or more rambunctious companions. Dogs are also grouped according to temperament, with time for water, feeding, and rest within their rotations. Every pup is given private sleeping quarters, so bring your dog’s favorite bed for sleeping. While you can bring your dog’s food, many popular varieties are available for purchase at the hotel. 

  1. Dog Days of New York

With a strong focus on socializing while preventing over-stimulation, this facility believes in providing safe and engaging activities designed to stimulate your dog mentally and physically. The facility offers a cage-free design, with continuous supervision while on-site. This service means your pup will never be left alone during their stay. Your dog will receive at least four walks in a 24-hour period, with at least four elimination breaks throughout the day. On top of these daily walks, your pet will be given access to the popular daycare services; socialization, play, and interaction with other dogs take the focus. All dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations to participate in the daycare environment. 

  1. Camp Canine

 Located in the upper west side of New York, this facility is a full-service facility. They believe in treating your pet like family, complete with expert care and affection. Your dog will play and socialize with other canine companions throughout the day, burning energy through play and exercise. Every dog receives their own private space in the evening. Each room contains a raised cot bed or soft bed mat. Your dog will never be left alone, thanks to their constant supervision. It’s the perfect combination of continuous play and a private oasis at bedtime. 

  1. Digs Hotel 

 For dogs that require a bit of customization to their stay, this facility has you covered. With multiple room options available for your pup, you’ll be able to choose the size and amenities included with your dog’s stay. From large windows, televisions, walks, and massage sessions, all dogs are treated like royalty. You’ll also be able to add additional services like grooming, walks, and cardio workouts to your pet’s stay. All overnight guests are given free access to the daycare services throughout the day, giving your pup plenty of opportunities to play and socialize during their stay. 

  1. Paws in Chelsea

When trying to keep your dog out of a cage, this facility may bring the perfect environment. Staff members are available 24- hours a day to ensure a positive experience for all dogs staying at the resort. Your dog will be able to hang out and play with other guests at the hotel, complete with plenty of play experiences throughout the day. Your dog will be able to snuggle up and relax with new friends in the evening, keeping your pup content in his pack. This facility currently offers grooming, dog walking, cat boarding, and transportation services. Simply drop your pooch off at the center and pick him off, smelling like a rose. 

  1. Throw me a Bone

Surrounded by like-minded furry friends, your dog will spend their visit playing, wrestling, and napping. Complete with a daily report card, photos, and live webcams, you’ll never be too far from your fur baby while on vacation. The facility offers cage-free boarding while you’re on vacation. This service includes access to the daycare services, feeding, relief walks, and attention from staff. Grooming services, hiking, and aquatics are available for an additional fee for those dogs wanting a little bit extra during their stay. 

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