The Best Necklaces to Gift Your Grandmother on Her Special Day

One should celebrate their legacy. It’s where you come from. The elderly of your house have prepared you for the future and given you the core values you stand on. We should honor them and make an effort to make them feel special every once in a while.

Apart from the sentimentality, it is just too much fun to buy gifts for your grandparents and see them react to it like a kid. Especially your grandmother, who is the cutest in the family, deserves her special day to be celebrated in the most special way. While looking at gifts, it is easy to go for the same gifts again. What is better is to give her something of value that’ll make her feel special. Looking at a necklace would be a good start. From personalized chains to classic ones, there is no better way to show your love for her than this.

With plenty of options available, it often becomes a tedious task to arrive at the right one. To save you from hassle, we have put together a list of 5 such necklaces that are a perfect marriage of form and function. Have a look.     

1. Birthstone Pendant

Personalized necklaces have always been in the game. People love to adorn pieces that have a personal touch and hold some value for them. Birthstones pendants are the most sought-after personalized jewelry. Not only do they look stunning, but they also serve some purpose. With their charming presence and healing properties, they make a perfect blend of form and function. From Ruby to Tanzanite to Sapphire – every birthstone has a purpose, and each of them symbolizes something unique and different. Like Ruby or Sapphire, some have such a stunning presence; that people are willing to get them even if it has nothing to do with their birthdays.   

2. Beaded Adjustable Necklace

The most joyful jewelry pieces are the most colorful ones. As they are popularly called, beads are one of the fashion community’s most cherished and loved trends. Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, Emma Stone, Kendall Jenner – all of them have confessed their love for beaded jewelry, especially beaded necklaces. While the multi-colored beads give a more 90’s vibe, the monotone beads have a lead in the game. A piece of perfect jewelry for day-to-day wear, beaded necklaces are adjustable, too, which makes it an excellent option for modulation. Tanzanite jewelry, often seen on celluloid, is perfect for a beaded necklace.  

3. Vintage Drop Pendant Necklace

A pendant has remained the most integral part of a necklace, and for years, it has been the stand-out feature of a chain. Back in vogue, a drop pendant necklace has become a favorite of many in recent times. It carries a vintage look and charming presence and makes for an ideal gift for your grandmother. Shungite necklaces, for instance, are gaining popularity because of their stunning looks as well as their healing properties. With its sought-after presence and practicality, it makes for a tremendous day-to-day necklace as well – something your grandmother will cherish.    

4. Ruby & White Zircon Necklace

The evergreen combination of Ruby and white zircon has a broad fan base. Celebrities like Rihanna and Victoria Beckham can be seen pairing it with the most iconic dresses. Some of the most desirable jewelry pieces the world has seen have Rubies in them. An iconic and remarkable finish with a stunning deep pink hue makes it one of the most charming necklace options out there. Its exquisite color combination makes it versatile enough to be worn in several events. The Ruby symbolizes purity, wisdom, and love, making it just the right necklace for your grandmother. 

5. Floating Diamond Necklace

A floating necklace is a stunning piece of chain that makes waves in the fashion industry because of its vintage charm and modern charisma. The floating diamond necklace, said to be Princess Diana’s favorite, has certainly aged well. Today, they have come a long way from getting introduced to Hollywood classic movies to appear in the latest and greatest fashion shows. A perfect blend of form and function, these necklaces are the epitome of fine craftsmanship. The floating appearance over a well-fitted outfit fills you with confidence and lets you operate on your best.  

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