Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 26th September – 2nd October 2021

Love and Relationships

You are likely to realize that you have fallen in love and finally this week gives a start to your romantic life, thanks to the transit of Venus that is favoring you in this endeavor. Singles are likely to enjoy good gains from the Venus transit. Keep in mind that only your efforts and care for each other may enable you to infuse life into your relationship for the long haul. This time is a wonderful time to bond with your family. You may also find yourself participating in many activities with your loved ones and spending quality time with them.


Students may be pleased to know that the week shows an upward trend. They may be able to focus on their academics and would fare well in their examination. You may need to work hard as your success may inspire you to put in more effort into your academics. Students should keep an open mind and try to learn from both their teachers and seniors as they could provide you with valuable insights into your future. The week indicates you need to keep a strong may power and let go of sleep for greater success in your academics and education.


This week you may find an improvement in your health. You may need to be more careful about your decision making this week. Try to enable and channelize all your energy positively. It would be better if you do not waste your time on unnecessary arguments as you could suffer from various health related problems which in turn would make you more tired. This is the time for you to develop your confidence that would enable you to work to your full potential. If you have recovered from any health issue recently, you need to be very careful with your medication.


This week might seem to be quite challenging in terms of finances, there can be some losses that you hardly expect. You may recently come to know that something valuable has been damaged or lost. Make sure you are alert and vigilant in the days to come, as this may enable you to save all your valuables. You would feel sad over the thing you lost even if it did not have great monetary value or great sentimental value. The week is good to invest in gold and other valuable commodities. Capital appreciation is assured with this step during this week.


This week may be quite smooth in your professional life. With favourable happenings unfolding over time, satisfaction may be possible which may eventually result in great productivity. You may find many exciting opportunities before you that promise growth and development. As far as your career is concerned, one thing is sure, what you sow, so shall surely reap. You need to remain well focused and try to perform effectively. Avoid any kind of risks, lest you face a crisis in the future. Students pursuing higher education may get useful tips from a senior to have a better grasp of things.

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