Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th September 2021

Love and Relationships

This week is likely to bring your love life back on track. If you had any dispute in the past, it may come forth once again in your life. However, with mutual understanding, you are likely to resolve that. You may spend more than usual time with your partner. You may be in a jovial mood with your partner. Thankfully, understanding is likely to develop with your partner. You may face excess pressure from your partner to commit this week. Do it only when you are ready. There may be some minor issues in the family but owing to some other important matters you may tend to ignore them.


You may face some problems at the beginning of the week and it may prevent you from concentrating on your studies. This distraction may last for the entire week and is likely to affect your academic performance. However, your seniors may help you in your studies and boost your self-confidence. You need to focus and concentrate on your studies, it may help you to build your self-esteem. There are chances that your self-esteem may go down initially and you may feel upset. But, have patience, things are likely to improve gradually. Take these challenges as a learning process and then you may be happy with the way life may take a sudden turn in your favor.


You may enjoy good health this week due to your high energy levels. Your immunity is likely to improve and help you to stay away from major health issues. However, if you have been troubled by any health issue for a long time, you need to be careful about the same. Maintain good health with the help of a healthy diet. Good eating habits may keep all illnesses at bay. Teenagers too need to say bye to the unhealthy lifestyle and start with a healthy diet. Try to avoid spicy and junk food.


This week you may be more inspired to earn money. If you are planning to invest, then you are likely to come across many rewarding options. Good profits from the investment are foreseen. Your financial life may have gone through some big changes, but this week you are likely to maintain financial stability. Entrepreneurs may get some good partnerships offers by the end of this week. Make sure you go through every terms and condition before stepping into the act of working with your newly signed partner.


This week, you need to plan your course of action to see better results. This week may be great for you for starting your career and professional life. You may be able to execute your tasks easily. You may also come across many new opportunities that promise growth. You may have already spent a lot of stagnant periods to review your strategies and this week may be the right time to give it some action. However, try to avoid any deals related to a foreign country. If you are working in a corporate, be careful of any miscommunication and errors in work.

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