Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 12th – 18th September 2021

Love and Relationships

This week may be favorable on the romantic front. Try to focus on your relationship instead of thinking about all the other people who you think may be perfect partners for you. Be always happy with what you have than what you should be aspiring one for. You may tend to look for a fairy-tale romance. Your relationship may suffer if you constantly compare your partner to other people. Stay away from such comparisons. Remember, we all have flaws and we all make mistakes. Ignore people who try to bring you down. If single then you may meet someone lucky this week.


Learning may be very interesting this week. You may feel happy with the way preparations may help you to progress in your life. If you are appearing for any professional exam this week, you are likely to do well. Make sure you do not leave any stone unturned during this time. Also, do take up some mock tests before appearing for the exams as this may improve your fortune and preparations. If planning to travel to a new destination in search of admission, then you are likely to get the offer for the same. Students are advised to go to a peaceful, calm environment to study during this week.


You may be looking your best and those around you may also be able to notice your self-confidence. The week may be rich in all forms of achievement and gains. You may be happy with the way your career may take the shape, this is likely to have a positive impact on your health. Healthy self-esteem may bring out a healthy glow in the skin, so remind yourself of all your wonderful qualities. Also, all the rashes that prevailed earlier, may take a back seat. If you were suffering from any health issue, you are likely to get relief from it. You are advised to eat a fresh and healthy diet to maintain your fitness.


This week you need to explore your financial prospects to get the best deal in your hands. If you want to try your luck in investments, then you may get fruitful results. To make a profit, you may plan to go for a partnership with someone from abroad. If you choose the right partner, your finances are likely to improve. Hence, make sure you know who you are partnering with and be very open and realistic about the terms of the partnership. This week, you may get lucrative contracts from foreign markets.


This week may be a promising time to pursue your professional goals. Remember to work relentlessly to achieve your targets during the week. You need to maintain a positive outlook and be hopeful in all your endeavors. Your confidence may help you cross all hurdles in the way of your progress. Careful planning, combined with the right opportunity, is likely to enable you to realize your professional dreams. Gradually, you may be able to achieve your goals and may feel happy with the gains. You may take the help of your colleagues on this matter. It may boost your morale and help you achieve your professional targets on time.

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