Libra Weekly Horoscope 26th September – 2nd October 2021

Love and Relationships

This week you may handle situations smartly, as you are bound to act after analyzing the situation. You may be able to solve the problem after finding the main source of communication. Your speaking skills may help you reach through your beloved and resolve their doubts and complaints. The week may be good for partners in a long term relationship. Romance may be in the air, and you and your partner may make the most out of this opportunity. Also, maintain your dignity and your moral code of conduct, and do not let your passion lead you rift to very far.


This week you may need to inculcate a sense of commitment towards academic goals to attain success. Though initially, the phase may be full of challenges as it may become hard for you to concentrate. You are advised to meditate and do yoga to boost your mental power and remain calm when dealing with an adverse situation. Eat a balanced diet and take care of your health, as falling sick may hamper your academic speed. Dedicate your energy and time in studying entrance exams as it may take a lot of hard work, time, and dedication to get desired results.


This week is going to be normal for your health. The beginning of the week may be good, and you may find yourself both mentally and physically healthy. However, try to avoid drinking alcohol, or else things can go bad in terms of your health. In the middle of the week, you have to remain very cautious about your health, cuts, wounds, and other common problems that can take a curb upon you as you are likely to be prone to major illness. So, take care, and eat well. Excess work and eating fried food can cause health issues such as gas, indigestion, etc.


This week you may have to face various ups and downs in your financial life. You may get average results in the initial few days through investment and may face difficulties taking financial decisions. At this time, any wrong financial decision can incur you heavy losses, due to which working natives may have to work hard and still would not earn as much. Also, businessmen and traders need to remain very careful, as some deals from which you expected heavy returns may not be up to the mark. You should seek the advice of people you trust this year to strengthen your financial situation.


This week you must focus on work and actions throughout the week to attain desired results. Distractions are not acceptable. The outcomes within the workplace may remain average. This week can test your patience, so do not give up easily. There could be some troubles in business as well, especially if you have been indecisive for long. Working natives may work hard this week and might fail to get the desired results as thought. This week can prove to be beneficial for those doing business in partnership. You should avoid starting a new business this week. Whereas those in business for a long time may have to go on several work-related trips.

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