Leo Weekly Horoscope 5th – 11th September 2021

Love and Relationships

At the beginning of this week, you may face some relationship issues. Stay cautious, while shaping a new relationship, especially during the first half of this week. Under the influence of the cohesive force of planets, you may be eager to maintain cordial and harmonious relationships during the latter part of this week and have a pleasant time with people you are close to around the weekend. The favorable impact of planets may make things relatively easy for you to deal with, and you are likely to witness some positive changes in your love life.


At the beginning of this week, there may be too many distractions and hence your performance may remain mediocre till midweek. Here you should try to devote more time to studies rather than going out with friends. The planetary influences during the latter part may help you to focus on your studies and do well in examinations. That may ease the pressure gradually and likely make you able to overcome the difficulties in your studies. However, you must keep in mind that you are not going to get success so easily this week and it may require hard work and sustained efforts for you to taste success in studies.


Your health may be vulnerable at the beginning of this week. Your immune system may be weak and hence some old health problems are likely to manifest during this period. You are advised to not take more work responsibilities than you can handle, to avoid anxieties. You are likely to have much better health conditions as the week progresses. Still, you may not find your energy levels up to the mark and hence some uneasiness may be felt for the majority part of this week. Try to be quite disciplined and strict with your diet and also, do physical exercises daily. This can help you to remain healthy and active.


You are likely to have a good income flow during this week. But, there may be more expenses at the beginning of this week. List your priorities and spend money accordingly. Refrain from trying your luck or taking undue risks to boost your earnings. Steer clear of shady schemes and people. If you stay cautious, you will be fine and be able to avoid heavy losses. Period till midweek does not look favorable for any major financial risk or involvement. Try not to lend nor borrow money unless absolutely unavoidable. Additionally, it may not be a favorable week for major investments. However, financial conditions may begin to improve gradually and you may be able to manage your resources more efficiently during the latter part of this week.


This week may bring many positive developments in your career. You are likely to explore new business horizons and possibly add new items to your product/service list during this week. Short term travels may enlarge the customer base and may yield encouraging results. Adding a new product may further enhance business prospects. However, refrain from starting something new, during the ending part of this week. Job holders can expect steady progress during this week. There may be some delays and difficulties but, you will be able to manage the issues smartly and may make reasonable progress in your career.

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