Leo Weekly Horoscope 26th September – 2nd October 2021


Love and Relationships

The absence of any malefic or disrupting planetary influence indicates a relatively balanced week in your love relationship. This week relationships are quite likely to be all about how well you handle and react to the situations accordingly. You may at times feel distant and solitary in the relationship as you might not be able to spend some quality time with your beloved ones. You may not face any problem in the relationship however there may not be moments of excitement as well. This week may remain somewhat fair and lukewarm with no weighable changes in your personal and love life.


You may have ample planetary support to make progress during this week, but studies may not be the priority for you. You may spend a lot of time strolling rather than studying. Your performance may remain indifferent till midweek. Fortunately, you may be getting your rhythm back well in time and may be able to salvage the situation and study well during the latter part of this week. You may also score satisfactorily in the examination. However, it may be better to consult seniors and mentors for guidance about various subjects which may help you a lot in the long run.


The week may generally remain positive for your health and fitness but at times situations on the work front as well as in your personal life may reflect on your health. Hence, you need to take breaks from the routine at regular intervals and relax. Take measures to improve your fitness, digestive system in particular. Control your sugar intake. Take extra care of your upper body during the latter part of this week as there may be chances of fluctuations in your health and some minor injury as well. So, you must not take any physical risk this time around.


Planets portend improvement in your position on the financial front during this week. As there may be an increase in earnings, income and spare funds, you may grow keen to invest money. Also, you may refurbish your current residence or other residence to make it more modern, beautiful and comfortable. You may buy a new gadget and even a bigger vehicle with more modern and latest amenities. So, your stronger financial status may bring more material pleasure this week. However, try not to make any ambitious investments as there are chances of wrong judgments and resultant problems this week.


You are likely to get some opportunities to work on important projects but you may not be quite satisfied with the offer. You may have to prove your abilities before getting more powerful positions on the work front. If you are already working on some critical projects, be ready to face a tough time around midweek. The influence of planets is to cement your position in the company and give you ample opportunities to showcase your talents towards the end of the week. So, this could be a very important phase for your career advancement. Businesspersons may get better opportunities for growth and gain around the weekend.

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