Leo Weekly Horoscope 19th – 25th September 2021

Love and Relationships

The favorable planets may help you to strengthen your relationship and take it to the next level during this week. Your spirits may be enlivened due to positive and prompt response from your beloved. There may be certain planetary influences that may delay positive results but it does not deny having favorable results. The latter part of this week seems much favorable for your relationship. There may be some significant event to take place around the end of the week which may have a strong impact on your love life during the coming weeks. The outcome may be generally positive but, it may come with certain responsibilities as well.


You may generally maintain a positive outlook and your performance may also gain appreciation from your mentors during this week. During the latter part of the week, your hard work and determination may help you to get the desired result. Also, you may be able to improve your knowledge and skills by taking part in cultural and other activities. Parents may generally be pleased with your performance. Your curiosity to learn new things and a focused mind may help you to improve your unique skills further. This may be a good time to appear in competitive exams as well.


Your health is likely to be normal and satisfactory. No major health issues are foreseen this week. If you are suffering from any ailments, that may get cured now. You are likely to regain your vitality and adopt a healthy lifestyle to ensure excellent energy levels and stamina. Your positive approach may add to your fitness. Your mind may be a little upset during the latter part of this week. This may make you feel a little uncomfortable mentally. But, your strong endurance may help you negate the issues efficiently. Overall, you may enjoy good health and high energy levels during most of this week.


This may be a favorable week for your financial matters and wealth. There may come across ample opportunities for growth and gain. However, you need to take important matters in your own hands and give yourself the best possible chance to apply your skills to new projects and opportunities. Streamline your routine and see how it may work wonders for your productivity. Steadily and gradually your financial status may get a major boost during the latter part of this week. You are likely to enjoy all the possible material comfort this week.


The planets may work well in calming your nerves when the situation is provoking during this week. At work, you are likely to share a cordial relationship with your immediate boss. You two may be able to build a good boss-subordinate relation. However, with your peers, you may have to go out of your way to maintain harmonious relations. You must keep it in your mind that your rapport with coworkers may help you a lot in challenging situations at work. Planets are likely to make things relatively easy for you to deal with.

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