If You Are Not Giving Custom Eftpos Gift Cards this Holidays, You are Doing It Wrong

Birthdays and holidays are perfect opportunities for business owners to show appreciation to the staff. It is your chance to reward them for doing a great job while giving a little incentive for a special occasion. But since you have a diverse group of individuals within your team, you need to ensure that you will give them a flexible gift that everyone can truly use. If you are contemplating giving them an Eftpos gift card, you can be assured that all your staff will appreciate your gesture. 

But aside from the people within your company, you may also use the gift cards that you will hand out for the holidays and other special events as a tool to promote your company. You only need to add your company logo or come up with a unique design for the card. Here are several motivations to help you decide to use gift cards as your birthday/holiday staff gift and marketing material. 

#1. To Enhance Brand Awareness

Every business owner knows that brand awareness is the first crucial step in the customer journey. According to a report, brand familiarity is necessary to convince a customer to transact with a business. Since today’s digital landscape allows customers to look at their options for anything that they need, you must ensure that your brand name will be the first thing in their minds if they need something that you offer.

A customised Eftpos gift card can be a clever way to promote your brand. Each time your employee or loyal customer uses it when shopping or eating out with friends, they will flash your brand name and company colours. Anyone who had a glimpse of the card will be reminded of your company’s existence. Their curiosity will lead to higher brand awareness for your company, which may eventually result in a possible conversion. 

#2: To Promote Positive Brand Association

While letting more people know about your brand is necessary for your marketing strategy, you must also ensure that your company has a positive image for the public. No one wants to patronise a company with a bad reputation. If you intend to make your business known in a positive light, you may use your customised Eftpos gift cards to boost your brand reputation. 

The gift card can serve as a reminder that hard work and loyalty deserve a reward. The staff who will receive the gift card will feel valued and appreciated each time they use the card. Meanwhile, the customers will be reminded how you treasure their engagement with your company if they pay using the card. These positive feelings may transcend beyond the card recipients since they may spread the information about how they got the card to others. 

#3: Increase Productivity

Any type of staff reward can boost the employees’ productivity rate. But if you give them customised Eftpos gift cards, you will give them extra reasons to do better at work. The card will remind your staff that they can buy anything they want using it because of their hard work and contribution to your company. 

On the other hand, your loyal customers may want to engage and spend more on your brand as they use the gift card from you to get more rewards in the future. 

Custom Eftpos gift cards are also useful in giving your company an added push to stay on top of the competition. You only need to add your company’s logo to the design to make everyone aware of your brand each time your staff or your loyal customers pay with it for their purchases. 

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