How To Prevent Pulling An All Nighter With Your Sick Child

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Have you recently added cold medicine, chicken soup and Wellements chest and foot rub to your shopping list? If so, there’s a good chance you may be dealing with a sick child. When your little one is feeling under the weather, it’s more important than ever for him or her to get a good night’s sleep in order to boost the immune system, feel better and recover quicker. Unfortunately, many kids feel worse at night when they’re sick, which can lead to all-nighters for both the child and the parent. If you’re trying to prevent a long night up with your child, here’s what you need to know about why all-nighters sometimes happen and what you can do to help your sick child feel better soon.

Why Illnesses Are Worse at Night

Unfortunately, a combination of factors can sometimes lead kids to experience worsened symptoms come nightfall. Even if you’ve been giving your child recommended medication from the pediatrician and diligently supplementing with Wellements elderberry immune syrup and other natural remedies, you may still find your child suffering exacerbated symptoms at night. This may be because:

  • Bodily temperatures tend to rise in the evening
  • Nighttime restlessness could exacerbate your child’s symptoms
  • Cortisol levels drop at night, which could make some conditions, such as asthma, temporarily worse
  • Lying down could put pressure on inflamed tissue and worsen headaches or earaches

Soothing My Sick Toddler

Thankfully, you can help ease nighttime symptoms by taking a number of calming steps before bedtime. If you’ve ever wondered how much sleep my child actually needs and looked up kids’ sleeping requirements in the past, you may already be familiar with some of these strategies. Try preparing your sick child for a restful night’s sleep by:

  • Giving your child a soothing warm bath before bedtime and incorporating some bath salts, bubble bath or essential oils to make it an even more relaxing experience
  • Cooking up some hot chicken soup for dinner to keep your child hydrated and provide him or her with essential protein and antioxidants
  • Making your little one a cup of hot tea and mixing in some honey and lemon drops to soothe his or her throat and help flush out toxins
  • Creating a pleasant sleeping environment for your child by giving him or her plenty of pillows, playing a white noise machine, drawing the curtains and starting a humidifier in the room
  • Trying a hot compress or giving your little one a brief massage if he or she is experiencing muscle aches and pains
  • Reading your child a calming bedtime story to help him or her feel peaceful and get his or her mind off of the sickness and symptoms

When little kids get sick, they can sometimes experience exacerbated symptoms at night, leading to all-nighters that can exhaust both the child and his or her parents. Fortunately, understanding why this sometimes happens and learning more about soothing bedtime remedies can help prevent these situations. By following the calming rituals outlined above, you can help your child feel better quickly and increase the odds of him or her sleeping peacefully through the night.

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