How Prime Minister Narendra Modi created History in India by vaccinating 2.5 crore people in one day


They fervently criticized Pm Modi for slow vaccination, However, now they are feigning blindness since India created history by vaccinating 2.5 crore people in one day. 

Since, Indian government announced the name of indigenous vaccine. It lit a candle of hope across the country. Finally, a sense of essential respite quickly went through all citizens. It was certainly not a victory over covid 19, but of course it was actually a weapon which could defeat the virus. A heap of hurdles were piled up in front of Indian govt to vaccinate the huge population of the country. Besides, there was standing a rabble of noisy, fussy media, inhumane political parties and numpties to create more chaos for the govt in order to denigrate India with international media which only focuses on other countries. And yes, they can’t still question where this virus was born. Irony! They were shamelessly giving its variant names, however, they weren’t prepared to call it a Chinese virus. 

India has surprisingly created new history by administrating 2.5crore vaccine doses in a day on the birthday of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 17th September. The world has keenly witnessed this milestone which a developing country made. The largest vaccine drive in the world has been administered by Indian government despite having political vultures waiting to gobble up bodies and play heinous game of politics in such situation. The developed countries are currently struggling to have even enough beds in the hospitals, however, they are very lucky to have such journalists who don’t secretly sojourn in graveyards, click pictures of funerals, and then sell them on websites to attack the govt. Unfortunately, India isn’t this lucky to have this sensitive group of journalists and political parties that come out to support the country. India surely lacked this sense of cohesion in that covid time. However, this great achievement couldn’t get a single appreciation from any political parties, nor that lobby of liberals, intellectuals which seems to be curious to comment on everything. It’s because their hatred for modi unbelievably became so toxic that they ended up hating this country as well. 

When covid 19 entered India, it brought a storm of unbelievable challenges for the countrymen and the government. The health sector which was astonishingly never a priority in previous governments, seemed to collapse within few months. The congress which deceitfully ruled the constitutional throne for several decades, questioned Modi Government for not making adequate arrangements. All political parties which are currently out of power, didn’t come forward to help people. Instead, they purposely spread panic in the country by disseminating unnecessary fear. The country has witnessed everything and everyone who came out to help and who intended to feed panic. Their friendly journalists also helped them in this inhumane political game. 

The opposition leaders lolling in their luxurious houses were tweeting against the govt along with their friends in media and liberal gangs. However, the government brilliantly ignored their unnecessary criticism, and vehemently kept on working to handle the unexpected situation which covid 19 caused. Any country can’t be prepared for such pandemic that happens untimely. All arrangements are generally not enough. But, when people of the country stand together and fight the virus, the country eventually triumphs. That’s what happened in India. 

The pandemic was unbelievably creating a havoc in the county this year when second wave hit us, the challenge was undoubtedly scary. But, what was scarier, was how brazenly the opposition leaders and parties conniving with liberal, secular, and left media didn’t let any chance go in vain to create more chaos in the country by pervading the country with horrible pictures and videos of dead bodies and their statements to attack Modi govt have shown that in India, the most dangerous viruses are thriving in India since a long time. Covid 19 was not even a 1% of these viruses that are called liberals, politicians and journalists in India. 

Meanwhile, our front line warriors put their lives at stake and were ceaselessly working to defeat Chinese disaster despite many emotional, mental and physical challenges they had to face. On the top of that, they were attacked by the groups of spitting covid positive patients from a particular community. Nevertheless, they did their duties wholeheartedly and made India control covid to an extent. Though the states that were cunningly delineated as best at handling covid situation adequately by left media and liberals regaled each other with these fictitious stories, are still suffering badly. One of them is the last adobe of Indian communists, Kerala. However, the power of the ruling party in Kerala is worth appreciating because even crumbling situation in the state and ceaseless covid cases couldn’t make any news. But, if that state was Uttar Pradesh or any state where BJP is in power, then the clamor from all sides would be deafening. The Magsaysay awarded journalist would be doing prime time to explain how a saffron monk failed to save its people in up, why a monk shouldn’t be elected as a CM. Sadly, He is utterly silent, may be fossicking through his body to find any unbiased spine which he says he only contains in current media. 

This is a matter of pride for all Indians who don’t see them as puppets of political ideologies that it was our government which uniquely showcased its quintessential leadership in this hazardous time when we were suppressed by panic and unfamiliarity of challenges. The Government passionately worked to secure everyone, all business collapsed, govt revenues diminished. Still, The govt didn’t surrender to tough challenges despite witnessing some unfortunate incidents that took place in the country due to lack of medical materials. 

Soon India quickened its pace to reach more goals, like manufacturing PPE kits, and other medical equipment, and eventually, it became the second largest PPE kits manufacturer in the world. 

The Govt and front line warriors relentlessly worked to handle and bring normalcy back in the country by spreading awareness about covid 19. Meanwhile, the opposition leaders and their owned journalists were continuously spreading lies about Indian vaccines to confuse public and sabotage all the tireless efforts of the govt and frontline warriors. If you are wondering why they did this? Then the answer sits here comfortably to expose those leaders and journalists who pretend to be Indian, but in sooth, they are profusely fed by anti India forces. They purposely rumored that vaccines weren’t safe at all, because Pm himself didn’t get jabbed. To refute their lies, The govt already anticipated these types of actions from opposition parties, therefore, all the ministers got vaccinated including Pm Modi. Afterwards, they ridiculously questioned why Pm was vaccinated first. Irony is, no matter what Bjp govt did, they were always ready to question their actions accordingly. These frivolous statements from liberals and intellectuals were utterly ridiculous. And it convincingly proved that they are unimaginably querulous, disgruntled and cynical.

Thousands of articles are written daily about how badly Modi govt handled the situation of covid 19, how India drastically failed to protect its people. However, the reality is scintillating like a bright star which is perfectly blinding all of them who wanted India to lose this fight with Chinese disaster. However, India triumphed for we stood united with the govt and gave umpteen reasons for left media and their masters in politics to sulk and deplore their failure.

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