Highlights of Indian PM Narendra Modi’s U.S. visit – 22 to 25th September, 2021

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Washington DC on 22nd September for Quad leaders meeting and address at 76th UN session. 

It was his 7th visit to USA since 2014 as a Prime minister.

In Indian attires, 

With the Tiranga flying high,

The enraptured members of Indian community overwhelmingly welcomed Pm. 

And He invested his quality time in endearing interactions with Indian members, 

23rd september, 

  • Starting with the business
  • Prime Minister met the top CEOs of American companies,
  • Discussed on a number of topics ranging from drones to 5G, semiconductor, and solar. 
  • Showcasing the vast opportunities in India for them, 
  • He encouraged them to step up their investments.

Meeting with CEOs. 

Prime Minister hosted a crucial meeting with Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon for ambitious digital transformation programmes such as 5G, PM WANI, and several others. 

Amon showed his alacrity to work with India and stated that India is the scale for ambitious projects. 

In a meeting with Pm Modi, Indian American Shantanu Narayen, the CEO of. Adobe, expressed a desire to bring video, animation to every child in India, and also discussed current collaboration and future investments.

One after one meetings were hosted by Pm, during a meeting with First solar CEO Mark Widmar, Pm elaborated India’s striding efforts to harness solar energy, including the ‘One World, One Sun, One Grid’ initiative and invest opportunities in the sector. 

24 September, 

Pm Modi met Vice president Kamala Harris and lauded her inspirational political niche.

They keenly discussed umpteen topics including terrorism, climate change, cyber security, space and covid, vaccinations programmes in the countries. In the riveting bilateral conversations, they expressed their efforts to robust Indo– US friendship which is based on shared values and cultural linkages. 

While talking about global terrorism, Kamala Harris insinuated Pakistan for supporting and nurturing terrorism. 

The first ever in person Quad meeting was hosted by President Joe Biden at white house. In the meeting with President Biden , Pm Modi discussed trade, climate change, and Indo–US bilateral lies. Both leaders expressed their keen emphasis on strengthening the Indo US relation between two democracies that would grow stronger, closer and tighter. 

They resolved to work for a free, open and prosperous Indo pacific as well as the entire world. During the Quad leaders meeting, Pm Modi said that The Quad will work in the role of force for global good. And affirmed that the cooperation among four countries Japan, India, USA and Australia will ensure peace, security and prosperity in the indo pacific. 

  • India Japan 

Meetings with Quad leaders were hosted separately. During the meeting with Japan Pm Suga, both leaders discussed several important topics:

-Indo pacific and regional developments, Including Afghanistan 

-Reviewed multi faceted friendship between two countries, 


-Supply chain resilience

-Collaboration in emerging technology

-Green energy

-Digital economy 

-Japan’s collaboration with India’s national hydrogen energy mission. 

  • India – Australia

-Both leaders keenly discussed various vital topics in the Quad meeting. 

-Resolve to work for a free, open, secure and prosperous Indo pacific. 


-Covid 19


-Clean energy 

All leaders expressed their satisfaction at the current negotiations on the bilateral comprehensive economic cooperation and supply chain resilience initiative. And they expressed strong commitment towards the Quad objectives such as reducing Chinese dominion in the world, and rising anti China sentiment. 

At the 76th UNGA session,

PM Modi propelled a slew of issues like terrorism, poverty, environmental crisis in his speech and urged the United Nations to improve its effectiveness and increase its reliability in order to be relevant. Thus, he implied that the United Nations ought to emphasize the need of bring crucial reforms. 

The hectic schedule of Pm Modi for better and stronger bilateral relations with Japan, USA and Australia came to end with prospects of strong relations and future collaboration in several sectors.

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