Four Best Ways to Choose Appropriate Skincare Products According to Dermatologists

Australians are very fond of using skincare products. The beauty and skincare products in Australia have translated to a $3.73-billion industry in 2020. That is in terms of market and consumption. 

Despite the staggering number that encompasses how Aussies take care of their skin, many are still prone to different skin problems such as eczema, allergies, acne, and psoriasis, the four most common skin problems in the Land Down Under. 

However, dealing with skin problems should not be that difficult as many may make it seem. 

So, without further ado, here are some surefire tips everyone should keep in mind when choosing skincare products, according to dermatologists. 

1. Buy Products Appropriate to Skin Type

The skin type is probably the most important factor in choosing what skincare products work best for a person. However, most of the time, people actually use the wrong product, which is not suitable for their skin type. 

People can be acne-prone, have oily skin, have sensitive skin, and have allergic reactions to certain products. Thus, it is important to choose products that are suitable for your skin type. 

People with oily skin are best advised to search for products with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide, as these people are very prone to acne. People with dry skin should stick to products with lactic acid and natural butter. 

People with sensitive skin must look for mild skincare products. For those unsure, they can always consult a dermatologist. 

2. Do Not Buy Based on Popularity or Hype

People always give in every time a celebrity endorses a skincare product. But the truth is, celebrities already have that porcelain-like skin and are expensively maintained. They did not get their fair and glowing skin from the products they endorse, so do not give in to the hype. 

Instead do research and weigh the value of the product before choosing them. Do not buy based on the endorsement of a celebrity or influencer or even because of a recommendation from a friend. Remember, people have different skin types. 

It is best to read the ingredients and look for these: 

  • Glycerin
  • Ceramides and hyaluronic acid
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
  • Retinol

Avoid these ingredients at all costs: 

  • Fragrance/parfum
  • Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers

3. Being Natural Does Not Mean It Is Better

Most skincare products come with comforting taglines that use natural ingredients. However, it does not mean that they really use the safest or the most natural ingredients. 

According to one of the top brands for natural skincare products in Australia, people should consider that not all-natural ingredients fit all skin types. 

Some develop allergic reactions to certain essential oils or other natural ingredients, causing them more harm than good. 

However, everyone can avoid untoward incidents if they do research and visit a dermatologist. 

4. Always Pay Attention to the Ingredients

Speaking of ingredients, dermatologists advise everyone to look at the first five ingredients as it accounts for the majority of the product’s entire makeup. 

Ingredients are listed on the product packaging from the highest to the lowest concentration. Reading the ingredient list can save a person from medical bills, especially if they find an ingredient listed that is unsafe or they are allergic to.

5. Practice Patch Testing

A patch test is a clever way to determine which skincare product you are allergic to. Thus, when buying skincare products, always ask for a tester. 

Testing these products before committing to them may consume a considerable amount of time, but it saves a lot of sorrow and money in the end. 

Final Thoughts

Buying skincare products should not be considered regular shopping, just like going to a supermarket. Instead, it should require full attention and commitment because these products affect the health of a person. The tips listed above will surely help everyone choose the best and safest skincare product a lot easier. 

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